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La EZEE Pump – Concrete Pump & Pipe Line Primer

Concrete pumps are being widely used for conveying liquid mixed concrete from the containers to project sites for  high-rise buildings, tunnels, overpasses on highways, construction of bridges and many other civil and industrial buildings. The use of concrete pumps for the placement of concrete has gained widespread acceptance due to safe, efficient, and cost-effective concrete placement. However concrete pumps may face blockages leading to low work efficiency. As the concrete moves around bends, the aggregate in the concrete may get blocked. This impacts the pump pressure and reduces pump speed. This blockage can also impact the segregation and bleeding of concrete mix.

Pump primers are used to alleviate the line pressure and ensure a wider range of pump ability. Different pump primer products can lubricate the pipe and hose by reducing line pressure which enables the placement of hard-to-pump mixes and increases the speed of concrete pumps. One such product is La EZEE Pump. It is a dry powdered pump primer and pumping aid packed in pre-weighted pouches to be mixed with water at the site. La Green has manufactured the product with the use of high-performance components, which offers cost reductions by saving time. La EZEE Pump can be prepared within 5-10 minutes. It enables the placement of hard-to-pump mixes and increases the efficiency of pumping ability by reducing the internal friction between the inner wall of the pipe and fresh concrete.

Advantages of La EZEE Pump
  • Ready-to-use in pre-weighted pouches of 210 gm., which corresponds to the equivalent contents of 100-150 kg. of cement
  • Easy to mix and use
  • Improves efficiency of concrete pumping
  • Increases ease and range of pump ability
  • Decreases wear on equipment
  • Reduces friction and line pressure
  • Non-hazardous product
  • Reduces pressure in concrete pumps and pipes
  •  Eliminate the need for carrying bagged cement.
  • The risk of “stop” and “block” is reduced to nil
  • The slurry can be directly added to the prime ports of pumps or can be placed directly in hoppers
  • Eliminates pilferage cost of cement handling by operators

How does it work

  • Add 75-80 litre of clean tap water in the hopper
  • Add 1 pouch of 210gm La EZEE Pump to the water
  • Let it mix for one minute
  • Allow the mixed material to react for 10-15 minutes.
  • A sticky gel-like texture will develop and your pump will be be ready
  • Now re-mix La EZEE Pump slurry which is ready to be charged in the system ahead of the concrete pump

In actual working conditions, 80 litre. Slurry formed with one pouch of 210 gms. La EZEE Pump will be sufficient for an 80 meter long pipe line of 125 mm. Diameter. However, the dosage may vary according to the site condition.


  • Pump priming for all standard concrete mixes
  • Shotcrete applications

About LaGreens India

LaGreens India Pvt Ltd (LGIPL), is a fast-growing Indian multinational company headquartered in Bengaluru. The company’s founders and top management are having vast experience in the field of construction chemicals and construction materials. The company manufactures and supplies a wide range of Construction Chemicals Products across India. They have state-of-the-art facilities for the manufacture of construction chemicals at two locations – Tumkur, Karnataka and Burdwan, West Bengal.

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