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Joints in construction – all you need to know

Joints in construction uphold the same importance as it does for anybody. It is the soul of the structure that upholds. The purpose of this system is to allow for some horizontal movement while being rigid against rotational and vertical movement. This System prevents the premature failure of a structure.

Buildings and other structures are moving all the time, but usually, these movements are so small as to be unnoticeable. Movement can be caused by defects, movement of the ground, foundation failure, structural deficits due to temperature, moisture changes, a strain of material, chemical reactions, loading conditions, foundation settlement and many more. These might lead to cracks in a structure if the expansion joints are not employed.

So the term might be simple but involves a great detail of complication. They may be strategically placed to allow for material expansion and contraction due to temperature or other influences in a large structure. These kinds of work requires expertise and 3R Joints & Seals Pvt. Ltd. is just that.

What they do

3R Joints & Seals Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001: 2008 company proficient group and they are one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, suppliers and installation of modular expansion joint systems and joint seals. Specialized in the application of right kind of joints.

Catering need and maintaining standards

The company has its state of the art in-house design studio and have the capability to work with architects, structural consultants, and contractors on a global basis to design and supply the most economical and elegant solutions to accommodate structural movement and elasticity in the structure.

All of their joints are conforming to ASTM standards and loading capacity of these systems are based upon DIN standard. They also manufacture joints of any size and customize as per the Architect’s requirement in line with the international standards.

Project Contribution

They have been part of many successful projects Phoenix IVY project at Jubilee Hills at Hyderabad is one such project. They have done expansion and seismic joints work for the project. The company has installed more than 150 rmt seismic joints for the project.


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