Joints in Concrete Construction – Building Structure

construction joint

The purpose of a construction joint is to allow for some horizontal movement, while being rigid against rotational and vertical movement.

The absence or improper use of a construction joint will lead to slab failure with continual defects and joint deterioration due to the relative horizontal, vertical and rotational strains and pressures. Continual vehicular traffic transferring over a badly placed construction joint will cause fracturing and spalling. Rectifying these problems afterwards can be very costly and in some cases the entire concrete slab may need to be destroyed and replaced. Using the patented Ideal Joint systems will offer long term benefits and cost savings for every slab-on-grade project.

The prerequisite for a construction joint

The surface of all construction joints must be cleaned and all laitance must be removed. Before new concrete can be placed all construction joints have to be wetted and all standing water removed. The strength of a structure must not be impaired by construction joints. All construction joints located within the middle third of spans of slabs, beams, and girders must be clean and dry. Vertical support members that are still plastic must not be used to support beams, girders, or slabs. Except when shown otherwise in design drawings or specifications, beams, girders, haunches, drop panels, and capitals are to be placed monolithically as part of a slab system.

3r joints providing economic and elegant joint solutions for structure

As given above Joint work needs expertise that requires analytical skills and implication.  3r Joints and Seals do just that. The company has set of skilled workforce to carry out work of any magnitude and complexity across the globe.

All of their joints are conforming to ASTM standards and loading capacity of these joint systems is based upon DIN 1055″ Loading from Forklift trucks and standard vehicles “part 3 and DIN 1072 standard moving load with pneumatic wheels. They can also manufacture joints of any size and customize as per the Designer requirement & according to international standards. The company provides turnkey solution in terms of customized design and system installation for any architectural and structural expansion joint systems. The company has done services for several sectors. The one given here is that of educational sector. Flame University Pune choose 3r Joints and Seals for all their needs of expansion and seismic joints systems. The project details and picture is given above.