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John Deere Updates Its GP-Series Motor Graders

John Deere has announced new automation features for its Grade Pro GP-Series motor graders.

John Deere has announced new automation features for its Grade Pro GP-Series motor graders. The new technologies, called Machine Damage Avoidance, Blade Stow, and Auto-Gain for Cross Slope, are intended to increase uptime and productivity with lower operating costs. Also, new SmartGrade motor graders will now come standard with the low-maintenance Premium Circle.

“Our customers challenge us to find new ways to incorporate smart technologies into Deere products,” says Deere’s product marketing manager for motor graders, Luke Kurth. “They are looking for solutions to help make equipment easier to run and more efficient. These new features allow new operators to come up to speed more quickly, and all operators can take full advantage of the productivity of Deere graders.”

New Deere Features

Blade Stow, an industry exclusive according to Deere, lets the operator stow the blade just by pushing a button. The feature is adjustable. Meanwhile, Auto-Gain automatically configures the Cross Slope gain setting based on existing conditions, so the operator doesn’t have to do it manually. Like Blade Stow, Auto-Gain is an industry exclusive. Finally, Machine Damage Avoidance is an optional technology that prevents the moldboard from colliding with the grader’s tires, steps, or frame. The feature also keeps the saddle from impacting the table.

Precision Grading

Deere’s SmartGrade mastless motor graders have some technological improvements to report. They’re now compatible with local positioning systems (LPS) as well as network real-time kinematic (RTK) radio with better stability. SmartGrade has also been upgraded with file transfers that are up to 20% faster, along with greater capacity for file processing.

Also contributing to precision grading is the SmartGrade machines’ Premium Circle, which now comes installed from the factory. Its fully sealed bearing, pinion, and circle teeth eliminates the Standard Circle’s wear inserts and their required maintenance. The Premium Circle also improves grading accuracy, Deere says, and unlocks 40% more circle torque and 15% more speed.


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