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John Deere To Collaborate With DEUTZ On Low-Horsepower Engines

John Deere Power Systems has entered an agreement with engine manufacturer DEUTZ to co-develop powerplants of up to 174 horsepower (130 kilowatts). The two companies will jointly source components for the engines as well. The scope of the agreement covers the hardware and design of the engines, whereupon each party will use their own software and controls to adapt the motors to the needs of their customers.

Both John Deere and DEUTZ hope to increase market and customer value by broadening their supply base and reaping benefits from global scale, according to a joint press release.

Partners In Power

“John Deere and DEUTZ are both industry leaders in designing and manufacturing innovative power systems,” says John Deere Power Systems Senior Vice President Pierre Guyot. “Through combining our complementary knowledge sets and focus areas, we are excited to offer John Deere and DEUTZ customers a reliable, cost-effective engine option in the low horsepower range.”

“The fact that John Deere chose DEUTZ as a collaborator for this engine project underlines our strong position in off-road engine applications,” says DEUTZ Chief Executive Officer Frank Hiller. “This collaboration is an important step in establishing a business relationship between the two companies. We are very excited about the opportunity to join forces with an industry leader like John Deere, thereby creating value for our customers.”


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