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Jaipur development body to launch four housing schemes on August 15

The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) is planning to launch four more housing schemes in the state capital after the successful endeavour to attract buyers in recently launched projects.

A total of 1,500 plots will be developed in these four schemes, which will be launched on August 15. Allotment of about 1,500 plots in the housing schemes will be done through lottery and auction.

The civic body will develop colony named as Hiralal Shastri Nagar in zone-14, Gokul Nagar in Prithviraj Nagar Scheme (North zone), APJ Abdul Kalam Nagar in zone 11. Around 200 plots of Nilay Kunj Scheme which were developed earlier in zone-9 will be allotted after re-planning.

To sell the plots in its developed schemes, the JDA recently had reduced the reserve price of uninhabited land in its region by 10% to 37%. The decision was taken by the higher authorities looking at the slump in prices in the region and also for many years, they were unable to auction the plots.

The JDA is confident to selling the plots in these schemes, looking at the previous response. As these schemes will not be developed in far-flung areas, many buyers are expected to show interest to buy plots at these locations. A senior official said, “The move is expected to boost the revenues, that will be utilised to develop infrastructure.” “As the market condition has improved, the JDA will also fill its coffers after auctioning plots in its old scheme,” he said.

As JDA has many schemes in far-flung areas, not many residents have applied to buy those in the past as the authorities failed to provide even basic facilities. Due to lack of power and water, the sites of these colonies continue to wear a deserted look. An official source said, since 2005, the civic body has launched 38 housing schemes, but most of those are still unoccupied.


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