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Integrated Metro-flyover project worth Rs 6K crores will be established

“An integrated project of flyover between Chikalthana to Waluj, metro and National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) highway will be established in the city with the expense of around Rs 6,000 crores”,union transport minister Nitin Gadkari.

He was speaking during the inauguration of four works of NHAI organised at Beed By-pass area on Sunday.

Gadkari said, a proposal has been drafted, which included a double-decker bridge (bridge on upperside and road below it), flyover and Metro from Shendra MIDC to Waluj. The work for an integrated DPR with NHAI and Metro has been initiated. This included the a total distance of 25 kilometers, in which, 16 kms will be four-lane road and double decker bridge. The total project estimated to around Rs 6,000 crores.

Various works amounting to Rs 25 crores will be completed in the district by 2024. The length of Shendra MIDC to Chikalthan four-lane flyover will be 7.5 kms and the road will be eight-lane. A double-decker flyover of 8.5 kms long will be established between Chikalthana and Kranti Chowk. Under it there will be a Metro. The distance of the four-lane bridge between Kranti Chowk to Waluj will be of 9 kms and the road will be below the 30 metres long bridge.

The work of DPR for Aurangabad Metro is under progress, which will contain two corridors. The first will be between Chikalthana to Kranti Chowk of 12 kms and other route will be between Harsul to Cidco of 13 kms.

There was a network of 145 kms national highway in the district in 2014. Later, 450 kms new highways were given in the district and presently there is a network of 595 kms national highway in the district. In the past seven years, out of the 13 works amounting to Rs 4,422 crores, five have been completed while eight are pending. Rs 2253 cores works are proposed while 30 works have been completed through CRF, Gadkari said.

Air-conditioned buses running on electric cables will be started in various cities in the future. The authorities should sent the proposal for rope-way, cable-car to him for it, Gadkari appealed.

Efforts should be taken for starting domestic air services from the city to various cities like Latur, Jalgaon, Indore, Solapur, Nagpur and others. Rules have been made while considering the the advent of flying boats. Eighteen seater boad costs to Rs 18 croes. SpiceJet will purchase such 100 boats, which will operate on air and water as well. It will encourage the tourism, Gadkari added.


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