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Innovative lightweight framed formwork system – VARIECO

VARIECO is specially designed for quick and cost-saving construction. The lightweight framed formwork VARIECO by Variant Factory LTD, Ukraine is a complete system including accessories, which delivers perfect forming performance on construction sites without the use of a crane. Sufficient load-bearing capacity and long service life of the system makes it a cost-effective solution. Sharp Ply is the sole distributor of VARIECO & Variant Factory LTD’s products in India.


Sufficient load-bearing capacity:

  • It takes up to 80 kN/m2 pressure of fresh concrete;
  • Can be vertically stacked up to 6.00m;
  • High-quality film faced plywood with a thickness of 15 mm. Film weight 220 g/m².


  • Manhandled formwork panels minimize the use of a crane;
  • A high number of use cycles means lower follow-up expenses;
  • Reduction of expenses utilizing restoration and cleaning possibilities;
  • Galvanized or powder-coated steel frames, for long service life;
  • The high quality of concrete surface minimizes finishing work;
  • High repetitions with less labour utilisation.

Easy handling and planning:

  • All the connectors and accessories are easily fixed into the slots and quickly tighten, consequently forming time is efficient and maximized;
  • The ingeniously coordinated panel widths permit optimum adaptation to any structure.

Safe use:

  • Accessories such as – supporting struts, wall brackets etc. make for safe and easier handling of the system.

Areas of use of the VARIECO system:

  • Wall formwork;
  • Column formwork;
  • Foundation formwork.

Special Formwork Solution Distribution

Heights and widths of the VARIECO panels provide for the availability of a logical and advantageous increment-grid. The small range of panel sizes makes planning easier and forming faster. Variant Factory LTD is a company that satisfies clients’ needs in different specific tasks. For special demand there are proposed custom-made forms; configurable tunnel systems etc. Sharp Ply is the distributor of VARIECO formwork panels and accessories in India.

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