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India’s largest EV charging station opens up at Gurugram on the Delhi-Jaipur e-Highway

Gurugram gets a second Electric Vehicle charging station at Sector 86. With a capacity of 121 charging points for 4 wheelers, the newly set-up station on the Delhi-Jaipur e-highway is the largest EV charging station in India, so far.

Developed by Alektrify Private Limited under the ambit of the Ease of Doing Business program, this station was opened for the public last week.

Offering a mega-power upgrade, the new station has 75 AC, 25 DC and 21 Hybrid charging points that can charge 1,000 cares on a daily basis. With the establishment of the newly-launched charging station, the Delhi-Jaipur National Highway is now equipped with two of the largest EV charging stations in the country.

Notably, with a capacity of 100 charging points for 4 wheelers, the first EV station on this route was started in January 2022. Before the establishment of the first EV charging station at sector 52 in Gurugram, the country’s biggest such unit was located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Redefining the urban transport system of the country, these stations not only augment the use of EVs and boost the electronic vehicle industry but also offer a cleaner and greener alternative for a brighter future.

Talking about the newly set up charging station, the Project Director National Highway for Electric Vehicles, Mr. Abhijeet Sinha said, “This is our second prototype station constructed in record 30-day time for Delhi-Jaipur E-Highway, 2 more stations of same size and scale will be installed in Noida within 60 days for Delhi-Agra E-Highway which will conclude the prototype modelling of E-hubs.”

“These charging stations are commercially and technically competing with petrol pumps now with 72 per cent utilization and 36-month breakeven with increased capacity to charge 1000 cars at this station and 576 cars at Sect 52 station. These simple prototypes have proved that e-highway stations of NHEV will be world-class and draw a strong commercial roadmap of E-mobility on Indian highways,” added Mr. Sinha.

According to the Project Director, a total of 30 E-Highway charging stations will be set up on the Delhi-Jaipur and Noida-Agra expressways. These stations are to be established within a record time of 90 days from their date of allocations to PSUs/private entities.


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