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Chandigarh administration offers flats to Punjab legislators at IT Park

The Chandigarh administration is offering luxurious flats to MLAs from Punjab at the IT Park. The move come following a letter of the Punjab chief minister, who wanted flats for his MLAs in the city.

Since there is no other space left, the UT officer flats at the IT Park have been offered, where residential towers are coming up for the Punjab and Haryana governments and the Chandigarh administration. In all, four towers, with 28 flats in each, has been offered to the MLAs. The PGI has also sent its demand to construct two towers.

After the Punjab and Haryana governments demanded two and three towers, respectively, the UT has given them option for two more towers. Each tower has 28 flats, each flat costing Rs 2 crore, and the UT plans to construct total eight towers.

“We have to construct eight towers, having 28 flats in each tower, at the IT Park for different government bodies. The Haryana government has already demanded three towers, while Punjab has asked for two. Moreover, four towers have been planned for the MLAs and offer has been given to them. There are also chances that both Punjab and Haryana governments may ask for more towers, and at least one tower will be there for the Chandigarh administration,” a senior officer of the Chandigarh administration said.

“The cost of each flat will be approximately Rs 2 crore, and every flat will have four rooms and one servant room. This is first of its kind location, where such number of luxurious towers are coming, so every government organisation is showing interest to buy flats in Chandigarh,” he added.

Following the demand, now the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) has floated a tender to hire a private consultant to prepare the design and drawings of the project, which will be then approved by the Chandigarh administration, and based on that the project will come up. The Chandigarh administration has acquired around 123 acre of land in the IT Park, and besides the said two residential complexes for officers and general public in different plots or chunks of lands, the area has been kept for hospital sites, a five-star hotel and other projects, as the demand arises.


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