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Improving Work Performance with My Exciting Ways

Hello veterans!

Today, we’ll talk about different ways of improving work performance to make our lives better.

It won’t be just “increase productivity” pitch, I’ll tell more!

I’m here to offer some unusual yet practical strategies. I have discovered all of them while handling some work issues.

Trust me, some of them could make you say, “Wow, really?”

If I make you curious enough, let’s pass to the blog.

All Rolled in One Solution

Before getting into my attractive strategies for improving work performance, I want to mention a vital component of modern business life; benefiting from social network growth providers.

Especially, if you have an online business to manage and want to expand your digital presence, you definitely utilize a trustworthy social media growth service. Your aim should be not just uploading content and trying to attract the attention of social media users. You need a marketing strategy to increase your sales, have followers, and have high engagement rates. Thanks to growth providers, you can simplify your workflow, save time, and concentrate on your job.

Find Your Own Rhythm

I have a brilliant idea. Work as if you are writing a symphony!

I am aware, it seems strange, right?

But listen to me. You can turn your task into a piece of music with its own tempo, rhythm, and emotion. This definitely changed my approach to my work. Some chores are like an upbeat rock tune, and the others are like soothing classical music. This approach made me more productive and engaged with my tasks.

Gamify Your Tasks

Recall how we made everything into a game when we were children. I can hear that you say yes. Now, it is time to incorporate that into your job while improving work performance.

Gamifying boring tasks is a lifesaver. You can create little tasks and after completing them, you can give prizes yourself or absurd punishments.

Last day, I tried to finish my report by quitting time, otherwise, I could work overtime. You know what, I wrote as fast as I can do!

Do Random Polite Acts

You may say “No that’s not the case.” Actually, it is part of the improvement.

Making random gestures at your office can give absolutely positive vibes to you and your colleagues.

You may help or compliment your coworkers. To have more fun, you can send a cheery email. Thanks to a little random politeness, it is possible to boost your energy, as well as make your office atmosphere better.

Digital Detox

You can laugh or shock and say “WHAT?  or WHY? or HOW CAN I DO IT?”

These are of course, normal reactions, especially if your job is related to social media, marketing, or something like that.

I also had a bumpy ride, but it was good for my mental health. I had only paper, a pen and needless to say my thoughts for 2 hours.

A digital or only social media detoxification is a novel approach to improving work performance, that every businessperson should apply occasionally.

This can be compelling in the modern digital era in which social networks capture the world. However, when you try this method, you will see how the tech free time zone will relax you. By the way, it felt like an office worker who lives in the 90s. Amazing, right?

Use the Power of Nap

Power naps are my fav!

15 or 20 minutes is enough to freshen yourself up. It is similar to pressing the reboot switch on your body and brain. You can relax both physically and mentally at the same time.

You just need to find a cozy place and set one or two alarms to make sure you’ll wake up on time. Now, it is time to snooze!

Bring Feng Shui to Your Office

Actually, I am not a master of Feng Shui. Yet, I read some books on it because I wanted to reorganize my desk to this approach. I decluttered my workspace to make room for positive energy.

I also added plants, taped motivational lines, and changed my desk’s place according to sunlight. That’s all! These little touches make me more positive because my desk really seems appealing and soothing.

Who Wants to Talk to Yourself?

I definitely want it.

Yeah, I know you may think “s/he has a screw loose.” No, of course not.

If I deal with hard tasks, I start talking to myself to find the solution by my own efforts.

By speaking with yourself, you don’t have to consult your coworkers, you become your own mentor.

Do you have any problems with your work?

Then begin talking to yourself.

It may seem strange, yet it is an absolutely excellent technique. Thus, you can clear your ideas and stay focused.

Give Mini Breaks

Working long hours and sitting can be really tedious. Thus, I add some strolls to my working routine. I stop by my colleagues, walk for coffee, or just remain standing and watch the birds from the window.

These short tours refresh me and give new viewpoints on my tasks.

Challenge of Learn Something New

I decided to learn something new about my job every week. I wanted to improve myself and my talents. One week, I got info on my industry, and the other week I learned a software tool related to my tasks.

This is fun and instructive. Your brain can be busy and engaged. You can be surprised later how these new bits of information come in useful.


What kind of music should I listen to?

It is totally up to you and your preferences. Some people like classical music, some want to listen to techno. You need to find which one rhythmically matches your work style.

Can gamification also improve team performance?

This approach can also be used for teams. It may instill a spirit of rivalry and teamwork. It can make group projects more exciting and productive.

How might digital detox be applied in a tech dependent business?

Brief digital detoxes should be applied even to this kind of business. You can use this approach while meetings, brainstorming, or project planning. Tech free time periods can stimulate creativity.

What if I cannot find time to learn something new?

You don’t have to spend hours and hours learning something new.You can watch short videos or listen to a podcast or read a chapter from a book. The main goal is to make a habit of learning.


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