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ICEMA released a first of its kind ‘ Indian CE Industry Catalogue’

ICEMA recently released a first of its kind ‘CE Industry Catalogue’ that showcases the manufacturing strengths of Indian CE industry for a vast range of hi-tech equipment, provides comprehensive information and connect to CE industry stakeholders.

The infrastructure sector is a key driver of the Indian economy and is poised to play an  important role in propelling the country’s overall growth and development, with the  Construction Equipment (CE) industry being the primary stakeholder. While ICEMA has been  working towards developing a robust CE ecosystem in the country, its existing strengths need  to be showcased both to the domestic and global players. To achieve these objectives, ICEMA  has been making concerted efforts to build the brand of Indian CE Industry, both in India and  in global markets.  

In line with the above objective, ICEMA has developed a first-of-its-kind ‘CE Industry  Catalogue’ that showcases the manufacturing strengths of Indian CE industry for a vast range of hi-tech equipment, apart from, providing comprehensive information and connect to CE  industry stakeholders including OEMs, suppliers/vendors and financiers and other players.  Aiming to promote Indian CE products in the international markets, the catalogue will also help  attract investments in Indian CE industry through global suppliers setting up manufacturing  base in India. A stronger supply chain will support the Government of India’s AatmaNirbhar  Bharat Mission. 

A preview of  CE Industry Catalogue cover

The CE Industry Catalogue was released by Shri Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport &  Highways during the inaugural of ICEMA Annual Session 2022. Congratulating ICEMA on the  release of this unique catalogue, the Minister said ”I am very pleased that the Indian CE  Industry is taking proactive steps to strengthen its value chain. This industry catalogue will  help to position India’s CE industry as a potential global manufacturing hub”. 

In a congratulatory message, Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey, Minister for Heavy Industries  expressed his satisfaction at ICEMA’s efforts in bringing together various player of India’s CE  industry ecosystem. “The CE Industry Catalogue is a much-needed effort that will showcase  the wide variety of equipment being manufactured in India. I am sure it will project India’s  manufacturing and technological capabilities in the global markets”, he said. 

The catalogue will reach out to key stakeholders including Government, policy makers, key  ministries and departments at the centre & state levels, state corporations, infrastructure  companies, members of NIP Task Force etc. The catalogue is expected to become a  reference document in CE markets including OEMs, suppliers (Indian & Overseas),  component manufacturers, banks and NBFCs. Other key stakeholders include diplomats,  bureaucrats, embassies, foreign missions in India, Indian missions abroad, R&D/Academic  institutions, affiliated associations amongst others.


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