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How to Transform Your Business into An Eco-Friendly Enterprise 

Prospective customers and potential clients will always look more favorably on a company (regardless of the products they sell or the services that they provide) when they can see practical signs of change in terms of becoming a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business. There are, of course, a number of other key reasons why you should already have put in place both smaller and larger company-wide initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of your business. With that being said, here is a guide on how to continue to transform your business into an eco-friendly enterprise—helping both the environment and the reputation of your business.

Create an Energy-Efficient Workplace

First and foremost, one of the most effective—and simultaneously, one of the simplest to enact—solutions for an eco-friendlier office is to conduct a thorough walkaround of every component in the space and work out how to make them more energy efficient. Some key examples include, amongst many others, the following: 1.      Replacing old and broken equipment and technology with energy certified alternatives 2.      Using rail transportation for larger bulk shipments and using lorry loads less 3.      Upgrading the insulation throughout the building 4.      Replacing older lightbulbs with LED upgraded bulbs 5.      Appointing a worker to ensure everything is turned off around the building at night 6.      Banning plastic bottles from the kitchen 7.      Implementing a company-wide recycling program (and sticking to it!)

Offer Hybrid Working Options

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, for businesses all over the world, there has been a definite shift to the average worker’s shift patterns—and more than that, where and when they complete their work. Wonderfully, not only offering hybrid and even remote working options to employees whose roles would suit such a change will help to readdress their work to life balance, but it will also benefit your company in the following ways: ·        Increased productivity and efficiency ·        Higher levels of employee retention ·        Lower salaries ·        Lower rental costs for office space and associated equipment ·        A wider pool of talent to choose from Most importantly of all, employing hybrid and remote workers will serve to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, as you will be using less electricity, gas, water, and other amenities, all of which contribute to damaging the environment.

Improve the Sustainability Level of Your Supply Chain

Hopefully, you have already heard of the net zero initiative in relation to climate change, but if you have not, the basic overview is that, for the health of the planet and indeed, every single living organism, the goal is to entirely eradicate the harmful emission of greenhouse gases.  Carbon Clean have reported impressive results already, with the implementation of projects, drives, strategies, and practical changes to a number of services and industries to strengthen the fight against climate change. As a responsible and sustainable business owner or manager, it falls upon your shoulders to find out all you can about any and all changes you can make to your supply chain (however complex or simple) to help everyone achieve this goal together.


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