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How to Plan for an Extension to Your Property

Many homeowners seek to improve or renovate their property. For example, kitchens can often require a makeover or even a full redesign to improve their aesthetic appeal or make them more practical workspaces. The loft space is often overlooked and becomes a place to simply store unused items; however, it can be transformed into a new bedroom or a walk-in wardrobe and, therefore, be of greater value to the homeowner.

Most renovations and improvements to a home can add value to the property if they are undertaken to a high standard, which can be extremely beneficial if you plan to sell the property in the future. This article focuses on larger-scale renovations in the form of home extensions. This type of building work can cost significant sums of money, but when completed, it has the potential to dramatically increase the overall value of the home. If you are planning to extend your property, there are some key factors to consider before you start the work. This article explains three important points to note when looking to extend your home.

Create an accurate budget  

Any home extension will require a significant financial investment. Building materials can be costly depending on the scope of the project and labor costs need to be calculated for the construction workers. In addition, it is important to recognize that larger building projects have the potential to go over budget if there are any unexpected delays or additional materials costs. Use an extension budget planner to accurately forecast your total project costs. Ideally, your budget will have factored in an extra 20% of the total costs. This will give you the capacity to manage any unforeseen circumstances that could lead to additional funds being required for the project.

Arrange shipping of your materials

If you plan to order the building materials yourself (instead of relying on a building firm to source and deliver the materials), it is important to speak to shipping companies who have experience of delivering bulky and heavy goods in large volumes. Search online for freight shipping companies that are experienced in delivering these types of materials. This form of transportation is ideal for delivering building supplies as the load can be securely shipped in pallets and then unloaded easily with a forklift truck on arrival at your property. Compare the fees that freight shipping firms offer for this service and choose a company that has positive reviews from previous customers. The firm should be able to specify an accurate time of delivery to ensure that there are no unexpected delays for the goods on-site.

Speak to your neighbors

As a final point, it is vitally important to speak to your neighbors and inform them of the building work that will be undertaken at your property. This goes beyond simply being courteous and can be important in ensuring that there are no ongoing conflicts or issues during the building work. Speak to them before the work starts, explaining what will be undertaken and how long the project will be expected to last. Consider any objections they may have and seek to resolve these amicably if possible.


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