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How To Choose the Right Blind for Your Need

Are you thinking of buying blinds for your home? It’s not a hard task to choose the right type of blind. It is a fact that there are varied styles that you can choose from but with proper research and knowledge it can be piece of cake for you. Today we will discuss the different types of blinds available in the market and how can you make the right decision while choosing one to cater your needs.

Venetian Blind

These are composed of faux wood, real wood or aluminium. These can be also referred to as wooden blind or aluminium blinds.

The head rail is the top section of any blind of this type and contains the control system. You can find wooden varieties which consist of a decorative valance to match the narrow wooden piece also known as slats. Irrespective of the type of option that you go for both of these comprise of two controls. One of these is to elevate and lower the slats whereas the other one is for tilting them.

  • It is easy to find wooden varieties that are available with decorative tapes – also referred to as taped blind.
  • One of the major benefits of Venetian blind is the fact that these are perfect substitutes to window shutters and are available at a much lower price.
  • Due to the slat control that they have you can get unparalleled level of control over the amount of light that enters your room.

Roller Blind

These are a kind of fabric blind which come in a choice of single roller or double rollers. It is for simplicity that these are referred to as roller blinds and double roller blinds. At the time that two rollers are used a voile layer is also added for reducing glare, in case the sun shines too brightly. However, during the time of night, it is paired with a black out layer.

The Day and Night blind are a roller blind of less common type and is sometimes also referred to as duo blind or Zebra blind. For the purpose of simplicity these are also often called day and night blind. These are composed of a single fabric and constructed out of a complex weaving of blackout and voile strips.

These are one of the most versatile kinds of blinds which are available in varied patterns colours light filtration and fabrics. PVC is possibly the most versatile kind of fabric. It is perfect for any room due to the fact that it is sturdy, easy to clean by wiping, water resistant and flame retardant.

Improved light control is a wonderful benefit of these kinds of blind which might not be as impact full as venation options but can provide any room with strikingly bold appearance. These can ensure a soft light in rooms all the must be avoided in nurseries or bedrooms.

Roman Blind

These are a luxurious blind composed of thicker fabric as compared to roller varieties. You can create folds easily due to rods that are stitched inside.This kind of lutron blinds uk can unfold neatly from the upper part of the window when the cord is pulled.

These can be found in different kinds of textures and fabrics as these do not wrap around a roller. Due to this reason these provide regular blind with an altogether different dimension. There are also various kinds of linings, like thermal or blackout.

This a perfect for the winter season when blinds with thermal lining and needed. These can make homes more energy efficient. The fabrics of this type of blind are similar to the roller varieties available in a huge range of light filtering choices patterns and colours.

Pleated Blind

When it comes to fabric blind these are another excellent option. There is a fabric that can fold closed or open. The one with the simplest design is a single pleated fabric although you can also find these in cellular or honeycomb patterns. These are appealing and can directly attach to the frame of windows without drilling or screw. When set up in a proper manner these can look amazing on doors and windows. There is a tab rather than a cord in all these blinds that can help open and close them. Hence, it is ideal to look out for an expert who can help you in buying right type of blinds for your need.


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