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House of Hiranandani launches first-of-its-kind,fully tech-integrated virtual sales office

House of Hiranandani (HoH), the leading real estate conglomerate in India,launchesa first-of-its-kind digital‘Virtual Sales Office’.

House of Hiranandani (HoH), the leading real estate conglomerate in India,launchesa first-of-its-kind digital‘Virtual Sales Office’. The ongoing pandemic has changed the way real estate sector is adopting strategies for their customer outreach. Use of smart interactive technology is the key during these unprecedented times.

This virtual sales office resonates with the brand persona and is a digital replica of the physical offices making sure that the home buyersdo not miss out on the grandeur present in the physical sales office of House of Hiranandani.

Experiential marketing being the objective, this initiative takes Virtual site visit experience to the next level. Designed with cutting-edge technology, theVirtual Sales Office comes with a superior interface that ensures a convenient customer experience for homebuyers. It offers a seamless experience to the visitors with everything being visually represented, right from entering the sales office, communicating with sales personnel and taking a tour of the show property.

Key Highlights:

The virtual site visit experience offered online usually has a fragmented approach, where one has to keep switching between multiple links and discover collaterals like brochure, videos, 360 tours etc.A unique feature of the Virtual Sales office is the integrated approach it follows while showcasing the site to the customer.  Due to the integrated approach followed, all the collaterals are hosted at one place which makes it easy to view and understand the project better.

Also, onecan move around just the way they would in a physical sales office, explore and interact with the sales team.  A customer can take an appointment with the sales manager to set up a meeting for the virtual tour.

The tour comprises a complete 360-degree walkthrough of the project that is highly personalized and gives a first-hand experience of the site.This is integrated into House of Hiranandani online booking platformso that customers can also opt for a home buying experience virtually.

These VirtualSales Offices have been launched for HoH’s various projects in Bengaluru and Chennai  and will be available soon at other locations as well.

House of Hiranandani
Mr. Prashin Jhobalia, Vice President – Marketing, House of Hiranandani

The impact of the virtual sales office has been impressive on our performance. We have experienced 8% increase in leads and 11% increase in virtual site visits since we began using the Virtual Sales Offices in our operations. The average time spent by a customer on the website has also doubled after we launched this initiative. .

Mr. PrashinJhobalia, Vice President – Marketing, House of Hiranandani, said, “Customer experience has always been a critical component in sales and it acquired a greater importance in the post pandemic times. A well laid out customer experience influences customer’s buying decision and creates a good brand identity. It also enables the brand to retain loyal customers and enhances brand reputation.

During lockdown we overcame the challenge of showcasing projects to customers by opting for varied prop technologies that enabled virtual site tours along with 360-degree images and other digital tools.

During virtual tours customers were unable to live the rich experience of visiting a House of Hiranandani Sales office for project visits. By introducing Virtual Sales Office, we have taken a step ahead in elevating the entire experience of visiting a House of Hiranandani projects virtually.  Just like the actual lavish sales office, we have developed the virtual sales office that reflects the same luxury quotient.  We are sure the experience will impress our audience and result in better engagement between our sales professionals and our customers.”

Here is a look into House of Hiranandani’s ‘Virtual Sales Office’-

About House of Hiranandani

Since its inception into the urbane terrains of India, the House of Hiranandani has altered the way living spaces are designed, thereby transforming the ethos and aesthetics of real estate in India. Pillared by a unique approach to designing and planning, the company invests heavily in research and development ensuring that each of its developments surpass industry benchmarks and redefine value engineering and design. The buildings and supporting infrastructure are designed to ensure low maintenance, yet add value to the lives of our residents. The selection of materials is robust to ensure longevity and is passed only after stringent quality checks.

Today, House of Hiranandani has carved a niche for itself and is synonymous with innovation, transparency, quality construction, superior design and customer satisfaction. House of Hiranandani has a national presence with projects Bengaluru (Hebbal, Devanahalli & Bannerghatta), Chennai (OMR &Thaiyur) and Hyderabad (Shankarpally).


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