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House of Hiranandani celebrates the spirit of engineering at BIT

House of Hiranandani celebrates the spirit of engineering with the young enthusiasts of Bangalore Institute of Technology College

This year, House of Hiranandani, the premium luxury real estate brand, celebrated Engineering Day with an interactive virtual session with students from Bangalore Institute of Technology College. This ‘Building Young Minds’ workshop was live-streamed on Zoom and Facebook and was conducted by Mr. Manish Jain, Director-Projects, House of Hiranandani. He shed light on various engineering aspects and innovations in the real estate industry.

House of Hiranandani is known for its extensive research, planning, designing, and surpassing industry benchmarks while offering world-class products to consumers. Architects and engineers play an important role for the brand which strives to turn people’s dream homes into a reality. The idea was to celebrate the contribution of the engineers on this day and connect with the future engineers to be.

Understanding the construction business while emphasizing adopting environmental-friendly practices is the need of the hour. Mr. Manish Jain, an industry stalwart, with over 30 years of experience, shared some interesting anecdotes on innovative trends of civil engineering, how it is essential to create sustainable townships while creating exquisite real estate properties, pursuing one’s vision and passions in this industry, etc

The virtual session ended with an insightful Q&A where the students shared their queries and gained some valuable insights from the industry veteran. Commenting on this, Mr. Manish Jain said, “Every year, we celebrate Engineering Day at our township and felicitate the spirit of promoting new talents. This year, we thought that engaging with younger minds would be a great idea to help them understand the industry better. Personally, it has been a very enriching experience interacting with the youngsters and it seemed more like a learning experience for me while discussing fresh and new ideas”

Mr. Manish Jain, Director-Projects, House of Hiranandani

Aswath M U, Principal, Bangalore Institute of Technology, said, “With the changing times, the way education is being imparted too has changed. It is no longer confined to theoretical lessons but has adapted the experimental and practical way of learning. We are really elated to have the House of Hiranandani team interact with our students and faculty. The session was very informative and aimed at providing more knowledge about the latest technologies, trends in the engineering industry. Learning about the various innovations being adopted by the company in practical lives gives a deeper and better understanding of the sector.”

Aswath M U, Principal, Bangalore Institute of Technology

About House of Hiranandani

Since its inception into the urbane terrains of India, the House of Hiranandani has altered the way living spaces are designed, thereby transforming the ethos and aesthetics of real estate in India. Pillared by a unique approach to designing and planning, the company invests heavily in research and development ensuring that each of its developments surpasses industry benchmarks and redefines value engineering and design. The buildings and supporting infrastructure are designed to ensure low maintenance yet add value to the lives of our residents. The selection of materials is robust to ensure longevity and is passed only after stringent quality checks.

Today, the House of Hiranandani has carved a niche for itself and is synonymous with innovation, transparency, quality construction, superior design, and customer satisfaction. House of Hiranandani has a national presence with projects Bengaluru (Hebbal, Devanahalli & Bannerghatta), Chennai (OMR & Thaiyur), and Hyderabad (Shankarpally).


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