High performing patching and crack filling machines

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The Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group has focused on bringing innovative solutions to the Pavement Maintenance industry. With a drive for performance and innovation, CPMG continues to offer cutting edge technology through its worldwide network of distributors. They have been present in the Indian market for a long time providing pothole patching and crack filling equipment, with their partner Neha Infra services. The concept of one-stop solution for pavement rehabilitation has been the driving force for NEHA INFRA SERVICES. They offer solutions for defects of Asphalt Pavements, Concrete Pavements, Industrial floors, Airport apron and Soil Stabilization Solution. Promoters qualified in Engineering and Road Equipment for over 17 years.

Constrofacilitator had one to one interaction with Matt McCormick, Director of International Sales, Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group, wherein he shared insights on their new product, technological advancement, partnership with Neha Infra and expectations from the Indian market.  Here are some excerpts from the interview.

Matt McCormick, Director of International Sales, Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group

Q. What is the advantage of the new mastic plant machine?

A. Presently, there is a necessity for high-performance equipment and technologies that apply to flexible pavements and can provide sustainable solutions. The new C1 mastic machine addresses this need. This machine enables mastic production on-site and on-demand. This is a new concept even for the US. The C1 machine uses a correct fitted binder which produces aggregate at the correct temperature. It heats the aggregate and binder (sealant) and then it can be used for proportional mixed design as per the need of the project. The operator is in control of this; he can set volumes and material proportions as per the need. The machine utilizes a minimum of moving parts in the delivery system, making it one of the most reliable in the industry. Operation changes can also be done with the machine; the mix on demand is the biggest advantage of this machine

Q. Are you guys manufacturing and assembling the machine here?

A. Our first step is to focus on manufacturing and later we will proceed with local assembling as well. We have a qualified team in the US in charge of manufacture. Once the machine gets adapted to the Indian market as our other product Dura Patcher did, we will proceed with assembling in India as well.

Q. What is the potential of patching and crack filling services in the Indian market according to your analysis?

A. The pothole patching services is a well-established concept in India. We have competition from the Indian manufacturer as well as foreign manufacturers, but we have our technological edge in our products and we are looking to captivate the mark. The crack filling market is very basic in India, there has not been much advancement in this crack filling and we are looking to become the pioneer of this service. We want to introduce technologies and focus on educational awareness regarding crack filling techniques.

Q. What are the service packages for the machines and is there any rental provision?

A. With our partner Neha Infra, we are taking care of sales and service packages. We are training operators about the services of machines. We are looking to give a long term advantage for buyers and for that service is mandatory. For our Durapatacher machine, the operator machine comes with service benefits. We also provide both rental and sub-contracting provisions as well, which Neha Infra takes care of.

Q. What is your take on IoT and how much of it is given importance in these machines?

A. The construction job site is now ripe for fundamental changes that enable productivity, safety, process improvement, and new tools. The Internet of Things (IoT) is allowing for the deployment of simple low power sensors that can communicate cost-effectively. As IoT continues to become more ubiquitous, it’s having a greater impact on how the construction industry is turning around. Our crack filling machines have automated control and smart intelligence provisions within the machines. For other machines, we have tried to keep it simple for effective operation. Our pothole machines are simple and not technically complicated; it is the same for our US machines as well. We have enhanced the pothole machines in such a way that an operator could grab knowledge of its functionality within half the day of his training.

Q. What your idea of training operators about the knowledge of identification of good and bad quality aggregates?

A. This is one of our prime focuses and we are educating operators on this part specifically. Aggregates must be clean and cautionary provisions should be followed. Washing is mandatory, a cleaned aggregate results in the superior outcome (binding) of products. Our machines are completely fitted for superior quality products. All of our machines come from the US and the materials used are from India. Our machines are very well fitted and following basic guidelines on the contractor’s behalf provides a very superior quality aggregate. This involves four important steps- Clean the area with compressed air, Apply an emulsion tack coat, Fill the hole with coated aggregate and Cover with dry aggregate so traffic can resume immediately. Training is very important as without it there could be no long-term advantage. This training includes supporting end-users to understand and select quality-grade aggregates for best performance.

Q. You have been in a long partnership with Neha Infra, what are the future goals you are looking at together?

A. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. We along with Neha Infra have directed individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives, and the future looks good with this partnership. At present we have demand from the tenders of government-approved bodies such as NHAI and PWD. Those are our major targets. We are catering to both public & private roads for repair and maintenance to ensure they are always pothole-free and crack free. The subcontracting work is perhaps most wanted service in India, wherein Neha Infra does a fantastic job. We are available wherever the market demand is. We offer a one-stop-shop concept of sales, rental and contracting work. We are presently engaged with three different tenders in India. We are also excited about the future with Neha Infra to introduce new technologies to improve and drive the Indian market for road-maintenance.