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Heavy-Duty Hydrostatic Drive Powers Ammann ARS 121

Soil compactors are used to rearrange particles, reduce the void ratio, and increase density. Soil compaction improves the shear strength and load-bearing capacity of the soil. Improper soil compaction results in structural distress from the excessive settlement – both total and differential. It is therefore important to select the right soil compactor with efficient technology and durability.

One such machine is the Ammann ARS 121 Soil Compactor. It combines tried-and-tested features with intelligent compaction technology. It has great compaction output while offering improved efficiencies and cost savings as well. The Ammann ARS 121 is suitable for compaction of a wide range of soils, from silt to crushed stones. The machine is equipped with an efficient turbocharged, water-cooled engine ensuring non-stop performance with maximum reliability and lower operating costs.

The ARS machine features a newly designed operator console that sets new standards in operator comfort and visibility. The single-drum rollers also are designed for fast and easy daily maintenance and long life. The powerful and robust 4-cylinder engine and heavy-duty hydrostatic drive of the differential axle ensure great traction and travel performance, even under extreme circumstances. The roller provides the necessary flat base, which enables the crucial support for construction foundations, pavements, roads and various other structures.

The Advantages

The ARS 121 utilizes intelligent systems that help it achieve requisite density for soil. It has several added advantages:

  • Outstanding productivity, in part, because the heavy-duty hydrostatic drive of the differential axle ensures great traction
  • It is designed with a low center of gravity for stability and maneuverability
  • The machine features high ground clearance and gradeability
  • The clear dashboard layout comes with a fully isolated operator platform and adjustable seat
  • A two-stage vibratory system maximizes the transfer of compaction force to the material
  • High productivity – fewer passes are required
  • Service and maintenance points that are easily accessible
  • Superior fuel efficiency


  • Medium and large job sites
  • Transport construction (motorways, railways, airfields)
  • Construction (industrial zones, harbors)

About Ammann

Ammann is a sixth-generation, family-owned business that produces asphalt and concrete mixing plants, compactors and asphalt pavers at nine production sites in Europe, China, India and Brazil. Its core expertise is roadbuilding and transportation infrastructure. In 2019, the company marked its 150th anniversary. Visit for company-related information or to learn more about Ammann’s 150th anniversary.


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