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Heavy Construction Equipment Manufacturers in India

Modern heavy construction equipment such as excavators isn’t just about productivity, it’s also about ease of service and maintenance and fuel efficiency. The manufacturers are also putting more and more effort into improving operator comfort and making machines easier to use. Fuel is one of the largest expenses for most construction companies. Modern heavy construction equipment manufacturers have fitted their machines with fuel-saving technology and offer many different fuel-saving services. Machines are now using the auto engine shutdown feature. It operates much in the same way as the auto-idle feature. Telematics systems in excavators are now more advanced allowing construction firms to monitor both the location and performance of machinery and equipment. Manufacturers are also incorporating more sophisticated hydraulic functions that allow the operator to adjust hydraulic flow to the application. Every heavy construction equipment manufacturer is updating its excavator models and trying to come up with a more intelligent automation system than the previous model. They are showing preparedness to meet escalating demand by ramping up their production capacities and upgrading machines. Buyers have become more demanding in terms of wanting excavator machines suited to the kind of work and environment that they work in. Given below are different types of excavator models being manufactured by heavy construction equipment manufacturers in India catering to multi-applications.

  • CASE CX220C designed for the tough terrain applications
  • CAT® 320D3 GC for medium – to heavy-duty applications
  • Hyundai 215L SMART PLUS with enhanced undercarriage
  • JCB NXT 215LC with ecoHydraulics power management
  • Komatsu PC350LC – 8M0 designed for Granite and Marble segment
  • Kobelco SK380XDLC with Hydraulic Fluid Filter
  • LiuGong CLG920D designed for work in confined areas
  • Sany SY350C-9LC HD with energy saving power control system
  • Tata Hitachi’s EX 70 with optimum hydraulic system
  • Volvo EC200D with fuel efficient ECO mode features

Heavy construction equipment – Excavator model features


  • FPT Industrial engine to ensure high productivity with low fuel consumption
  • Features five energy control system and an ECO gauge
  • A 7-inch LCD colour monitor for parameter monitoring and setting
  • Application includes infrastructure, recycling, construction and quarrying

CAT® 320D3 GC

  • Mechanical six-cylinder with 5.8-liter  diesel engine
  • Wide profile general duty (GD) buckets available in 0.92- and 1.0-m3 capacities
  • Pressure taps and SOS ports help maximize uptime
  • Application includes demolition, construction and infrastructure
CAT® 320D3 GC

Hyundai 215L SMART PLUS

  • Hydraulics and attachments are designed to offer high digging forces
  • 6-cylinder Cummins 6BTAA engine with a gross power of 148 HP @2000 rpm
  • Arm regeneration system to recirculate hydraulic energy from return line to pump supply line
  • Application includes construction, mining, irrigation and infrastructure
Hyundai 215L SMART PLUS


  • 3 power modes and ecoHydraulics for power management
  • IntelliControl for a complete view of operations on a digital display screen
  • Hydraulic regeneration system on the boom, arm and bucket operation
  • Application includes roads, irrigation, highways and infrastructure

Komatsu PC350LC-8M0

  • Large counterweight and stronger undercarriage
  • Equipment Management Monitoring System
  • HD link and Double-flange Track Roller
  • Application includes stone, granite and marble Industry
Komatsu PC350LC-8M0

Kobelco SK380XDLC

  • Hydraulic Fluid Filter
  • Metal Mesh Cover Air Cleaner
  • Arm Regeneration System
  • Application includes mining
Kobelco SK380XDLC

LiuGong CLG920D

  • 360-degree swing and the compactness for digging in confined space
  • Application-specific optional attachments
  • Auto idling system for less fuel consumption
  • Application includes material handling, grading, landscaping, digging of trenches, demolition and construction
LiuGong CLG920D

Sany SY350C-9LC HD

  • Powered by 6 cylinder air cooled turbocharger
  • Control valve and swing motor with anti-rebound valve
  • Regeneration System in circuits in the boom & arm
  • Applications includes quarry, demolition and construction
Sany SY350C-9LC HD

Tata Hitachi’s EX 70

  • Optimum Hydraulic System allows for smooth operation
  • Fuel Saving Pump System
  • Shockless-regulator for responsive and precise control
  • Application includes grading, landscaping, material handling, digging of trenches- holes- foundations, demolition and construction
Tata Hitachi’s EX 70

Volvo EC200D

  • ECO mode feature for fuel efficiency
  • Hydraulic flow for responsive, accurate control in grading
  • Integrated Work Mode System
  • Application includes road construction, landscaping and utility work

Volvo EC200D

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