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H-RERA ask Mahira Homes to Deposit deficit fund

H-Rera chairman Arun Kumar has announced a three-step action plan for delayed affordable housing projects of the developer and offered relief to aggrieved homebuyers.

Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (H-Rera) has asked Mahira Homes — the promoter of affordable housing projects — to deposit deficit amounts in the regulator’s accounts. The builder will face revocation of the authority’s registration to all its projects and an FIR, if it fails to comply with the directive.

H-Rera chairman Arun Kumar has announced a three-step action plan for delayed affordable housing projects of the developer and offered relief to aggrieved homebuyers.

In a recent meeting, Kumar had told homebuyers that the authority has decided to proceed with the process for revocation of Rera registration of all five projects of Mahira since the developer has failed to complete the projects and deliver the units to allottees as per the affordable housing policy (AHP) of the state government.

According to sources in the authority, the developer has withdrawn around Rs 400 crore from the Rera escrow account in violation of the norms.

Kumar told TOI that he also has asked the developer to deposit the deficit funds diverted from the Rera accounts if the company doesn’t want its accounts to be frozen. He further said an FIR was registered on Rera complaints against the developer in the past and similar actions will be taken again if the company declines to follow the regulator’s directive.

“The authority has roped in an agency to conduct techno-economic feasibility of stalled projects to prepare a comprehensive action plan for completing them at the earliest,” he said.

 On Friday, more than 100 homebuyers of five stuck projects of the developer were given an opportunity for a direct conversation with the HRera chairman and the three members of the authority.

“The sole objective of the open meeting between the authority and allottees was to hear out their grievances and come up with a resolution as per the provisions of the Rera Act. Representatives of all five projects in sectors 63A, 68, 95, 103 and 104 turned up in good numbers for the meeting. On Wednesday, the Rera chairman inspected all five stuck Mahira project sites and others to take stock of ground reality,” said a Rera official.

At the meeting, allottees of Mahira project at Sector 68 said only 60-70% construction has been completed and they want Rera to help them in delivery of units. Allottees said the project was registered with Rera, Panchkula way back in 2017 and it is incomplete still.

While the allottees of other projects where construction is way behind the schedule after the lapse of adequate time demanded a roadmap from the authority.


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