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Girder Launchers for Metro Railway Projects

The girder launcher consists of lifting devices and a supporting structure for lifting precast beams and precast bridge segments in position for assembling. A launching girder usually consists of main trusses (“girders”) and lifting devices that would move horizontally along the trusses while suspending/lifting the precast beam, bridge segments and/or working platforms for assembling. It is widely used for metro rail projects across the country and developed for the various types of the main beam, heavyweight of hook and the high precision of erection, adapting to the changing of tracks and the curve erection. These equipment feature long girders spanning multiple bridge spans which move with the work and are used to lift and support precast metro bridge segments and girders. Everest Engineering Equipment [ EEE ]  is providing a range of girder launchers for metro railway projects that comes with mechanised features.

Features of EEE girder launchers;

 Metro Engineering girder launcher offers the stability of hoisting of the girder especially in metro railway projects. The two trolleys cooperate in three-dimensional motion with the girder, meeting the requirements of the girder erection. The hoisting beam body adopts the method of lifting in four points of the object with three points in balance, the beam body bearing stress in a good state. Its features include;

  • Girder carrying with erecting at the same time
  • Used in elevated viaduct of metro rail tracks
  • Can erect 4 pieces of girders with another two cranes one day, saving construction cycles
  • If the concrete girder is between the two piers you can exchange the front and rear legs with no extra assembly and shortening the construction period

EEE range of launchers

EEE offers a wide range of Launchers. Mainly for Segmental, U girder, Bridges and High-speed railway. The range includes

  • U Girder Launcher up to 300T
  • T Girder Launcher up to 500T
  • Segment Launcher up to 2000T
  • High-Speed Rail (HSR) Launcher up to 1500T

Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt. Ltd started in 2012 as an equipment service company and since then it has grown by leaps and bounds. Presently they are manufacturing, supplying, Installing/ Dismantling , and providing rental services for an array of infrastructure equipment, construction equipment and rebar processing machines. The main aim of the company is to provide high-quality equipment that can boost the country’s growth in the construction sector. To explore the full equipment details, visit- https://everestengg.in/


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