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Governor inaugurates newly constructed IMD building in Lucknow

Governor Anandiben Patel on Monday said that one cannot prevent weather hazards, but with better preparation and planning, we could certainly minimize the damage.

She said with the amalgamation of science and ancient Indian knowledge, one could bring practical solutions to various problems of the society.

She said this while inaugurating the newly constructed building of India Meteorological Department, Meteorological Centre, Lucknow. She said, “Meteorology is a great example of direct benefits of science to society.” She said that there is hardly any element in today’s world which is untouched by the effects of weather and climate.

“Rapidly changing environment has given rise to very difficult conditions. There is rise in global temperature, change in seasonal cycle, drought or more rainfall, melting of glaciers, rise in sea level etc,” she said.

Governor said that different types of natural calamities keep happening in different parts of the state, which not only affect the economy of the state but also adversely affect the livelihood of the general public.

Referring to Gujarat, the Governor said that the state of Gujarat faces many severe weather disasters and challenges like cyclone, heat wave, heavy rainfall, drought and floods. But now, with the tireless efforts of meteorologists, the damage caused by these disasters can be avoided with the information and alert-signal disseminated in the past.

Governor expressed happiness that the new meteorological station has developed and prospered in a unique way after years of neglect and said that the new building will increase the enthusiasm and morale of the scientists, officers and employees.

M Ravichandran, secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, government of India, Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, Director General, India Meteorological Department, New Delhi, Chief of Meteorological Center, Lucknow, JP Gupta, scientists, officers and employees of the Meteorological Department were present on this occasion.


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