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GOCL aims at developing a business model with high social impact

GOCL is a multi-division, multi-location company with successful businesses in real estate, land development, infrastructure contracts, commercial explosives (through its subsidiary IDL Explosives Ltd.), detonators, mining chemicals and accessories. With special products for Defence & Space sector and specialise in  Metal Cladding solutions using explosives. GOCL have recently forayed in Electronics and are also developing large Real estate projects in Bengaluru & Hyderabad. Recently,

Pankaj Kumar- CEO  & whole time director of GOCL

GOCL announced the acquisition of APDLE which has given GOCL the controlling stake of APDL Estates Limited (APDLE) from Hinduja Realty Ventures.  This update also came with the appointment of new CEO/Whole Time Director, Gocl Corp Ltd – Pankaj Kumar. With an experience of over 26 years in the manufacturing industry, Mr Kumar would spearhead the business on industrial explosives, mining products, real estate, energetics and electronics along with defense products. He is is passionate about developing a business model with high social impact.

Constrofacilitator had a one to one discussion with Pankaj Kumar- CEO  & whole time director of GOCL, wherein he shared insights about business structure, recent acquisition, large scale projects and future business ventures.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

1. What Current business structure is being pursued by GOCL?

For over 5 decades we have been a significant player in energetics with a vast range of clientele from the mining and infrastructure sector. From case to case basis, we also cater to the defence sector of India. We are the pioneer of producing modern fully programmable and intelligent high strength detonators that are used in the mining and the infrastructure industry.

GOCL holds its major stake in the business of detonators and explosives. The year 2022 will see a major change in industry at large. With the onset of the pandemic the infra business was vastly affected. However, business is resuming back, and the pent up demand for infrastructure development is set to boost the demand for energetic and industrial explosive. Adding on, the power and cement industry is aiding growth for the metal and mining sector, and with the rise in the automotive products this year looks very optimistic for a B2B sector like ours.

The demand for minerals from various sectors give us the confidence that the company would see a 2x growth by doubling its sales. GOCL looks forward to gaining more market shares in the coming months and simultaneously consolidating our position in this business as a premium service provider among the PSU and private players within the country alike.

GOCL is a multi-division with successful businesses in real estate and infrastructure

2. Share a few insights on GOCL’s acquisition of APDLE

On Aug, 2020, GOCL acquired APDL estate limited for INR 62 crore from Hinduja Realty Ventures Ltd. APDL Estate Ltd is in the business of the development of commercial spaces and other real estate projects. The primary goal of this acquisition is to synergise the interests of APDLE and GOCL and leverage the inherent strengths of both for greater value addition to our business.

3. Discuss the future expansion plans and estimated growth of GOCL?

GOCL is working on developing and introducing innovative products in the field of detonators and explosive business, with safety and ease of operations as its core strengths. With the need for innovation post the regulatory ruling of using electric detonators we have been a pioneer in bringing fully programmable advanced technology detonators for our client base.

We will continue to introduce new products for the coming year that will be sought after by various industries and help us gain significant market shares. We have been the market leaders in the detonators and explosive business for eons, and we have a proven heritage of introducing innovative products in this space and are committed to remaining a centre of excellence.


4. What are the large real estate projects in Bengaluru & Hyderabad being executed by GOCL?

The Bangalore project is completed and awaiting tenants. In Hyderabad, we have sold 44 acres of land and the transaction procedures are nearing completion.

5. Is GOCL planning new business ventures?

Yes, we are definitely looking at multiple options. Currently the brand’s vision is to deliver sustainable solutions through innovative products and services for infrastructure, mining and electronics sectors to enhance stakeholder value.


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