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GMDA asks RWAs to provide current details of greenbelts

GMDA has started a survey of greenbelts along sector roads in the city as a part of its plan to eradicate encroachments.

The development authority has shared with the RWAs a form and asked them to provide details on the current state of greenbelts in their areas.

It has also sought information on whether greenbelts are present in their areas at all and the nature of encroachments, if any.

The residents have been asked to submit photographs that back the allegations of encroachment.

“In our effort to beautify the city’s landscape, citizen participation is paramount. We are collaborating closely with RWAs to gather details and address these issues,” said RS Batth, district town planner, GMDA.

Similarly, GMDA has sought feedback on unauthorised access to the sector roads. The official said that a special email ID will soon be created for complaints related to encroachments in the greenbelts and right of way (ROW), which falls under GMDA’s jurisdiction.

“Any encroachment, whether on greenbelts or ROW on the main sector dividing roads, will be dealt with strictly. Illegal occupation not only affects urban planning but also hinders the free flow of traffic. Following the collection of information, we will launch the anti-encroachment drive in the next 15 days. The action will be taken on a stretch-wise basis. We will not only clear the encroachment but will also keep regular checks to prevent any further illegal occupation in the future. The urban environment division will ensure fencing of the area as well,” Batth added.

GMDA officials have visited sectors 4 and 7, Ardee City, and taken note of encroachments on the greenbelts and ROW. Last week, the urban planning division removed unauthorized access points on the dividing roads of sectors 46, 47, 56 and 57.

These unauthorized access points, created by laying tiles and constructing makeshift road networks, were dismantled.


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