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Garden sculptures – Everything you need to know about maintenance and cleaning

A garden decorated beautifully with metal gives a winsome and aesthetically charming look. You can also give a rustic look with the metal bins and sculptures. The garden sculptures provide an artistic feel. The maintenance of metal needs regular care and after looking. You have to find ways to take care of the garden sculptures. There are several ways in the market to keep the sculptures clean and prevent metal from rusting.

Tips for caring metal garden sculptures

Efforts and techniques can excellently protect the garden. You can clean almost any metal and garden sculpture by using cleaning techniques.

  • Bronze metal – The soap and water cleaning will work for the bronze statue.
  • Aluminum – Soap and water cleaning
  • Stone statues – It requires only water for perfect cleaning.
  • Iron metal statues – Remove the dirt with sandpaper. Wash the sculpture with soap water. You can use a wire brush for cleaning.
  • Lead – Use soap water washing method and then clean with a wire brush.

It is a quick method to clean the sculptures with available cleaning tools. You can also protect some of the sculptures by changing their place.

Painted sculptures can be protected from sun and rainwater fading. The marble sculptures can be kept clean with vinegar and water.

Maintain garden statues

The maintenance of a metal garden is quite a challenging task. It requires keen observation regularly. The garden statues can be maintained with certain cleaning activities if you find the sunlight affecting the sculpture. You can also change the usual place of the painted sculpture.

The garden artwork of metal maintenance directly indicates keeping the sculpture clean without causing any harm. You should not wash the sculpture or statue daily. You can go for a cleaning or wash it once or twice a month. If you wash it frequently, it tends to lose its shine and charm.

Clean outdoor sculptures

Most of the outdoor sculptures need cleaning with only soap and water. You will hardly need some other cleaning tools and materials. It is also best to clean it with a damp cloth or sandpaper. Clean the birdbaths, fountains, decorative garden ornaments, and statues.

Various garden cleaning sprays are available in the market for normal statue cleaning. You should avoid using harsh chemicals on the metal statues and ornaments present in the garden. Choose to clean the outdoor sculptures gently with mild treatment. Identify the quality and metal content of the sculpture and then search for a suitable cleaning material.

Keep garden statues from fading

The garden statutes require a special type of protection from dirt and rust. You can use various types of coatings to prevent any damage.

  • Use polyurethane – You can use the cost-effective polyurethane spray to coat the sculptures or ornaments in the garden. There are matte and glossy finish sprays available for your convenience. It is long-lasting and prevents fading of the garden treasures or direct damage.
  • Prevent rusting – It is a must to keep the rust away from iron statues and clean it from the materials available in the market. You can wipe away the dust from the sandpaper. Clean the surface of the statues and coat it with certain materials like polyurethane.

There are other coatings also preferred for the maintenance of metal garden sculptures. You can use the best material for prevention.

Seal a garden statue

You can seal the garden through the polyurethane. You can shield the statue with a protective layer and expose it at periodic functions or at the time of guest visits. It is best to seal the garden statue with a transparent cover.

You can keep the garden clean with the perfect statue maintenance. It is best to keep the sculptures in perfect condition for the garden look and feel. You can keep the garden sculptures in good condition by a few efforts for cleaning and prevention from the outer elements.

Cleaning garden sculptures only requires a few moments to have a look at them. You can keep it with care and perfect prevention. You can also hire gardening professionals to do the coating work.


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