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GABM software is now available in India – its advantages and demo

As bridges age, they do not initially show symptoms of distress. Distress refers to signs of deterioration, damage, or structural problems that can compromise the integrity and safety of the bridge. Fatigue, overstressed elements and other age-related factors are symptoms free in the initial stages. These symptoms are often recognised in the advanced stage of distress. Providing remedial intervention at this stage becomes very cost inefficient.

Recognizing distress in bridges is vital for ensuring public safety, preventing accidents and disruptions, preserving structural integrity, optimising asset management, complying with regulations, and minimising long-term costs. GABM – Global Analytics for Bridge Management software is addressing these requirements. It is an analytic software used for the lifecycle management of bridges by ensuring the safety of bridges and providing priority protocols for remedial interventions It allows bridge maintenance authorities to take proactive measures to address issues promptly, extending the lifespan of bridges and ensuring their continued safe operation.

Distress in bridge

The software application requires a standard computer system with the required storage capacity. It has eliminated the requirement for internet, cloud servers, cloud storage systems and exhaustive engineering manpower.

It addresses;

  • Judgement aimed at identifying symptoms of distress
  • Dependence of the decision making process on engineering judgement
  • Absence of geospatial information about the symptoms

These are achieved by adaptation of a dynamic performance based decision making process, inclusion of bridge information model and identification of cause of distress.


Various versions of GABM are as under;

  1. GABM10 implies a maximum of 100 bridges.
  2. GABM 25 implies a maximum of 250 bridges.

GABM can be used for 10 cycles which translates to 10 years where 1 cycle is performed per year.

How does GABM- Global Analytics work?

The analytics software enables clients to judiciously choose which bridges on their network are in need of rehabilitation interventions by shifting the focus of deterioration modelling from a judgement-based protocol to a performance-based protocol supported by visual and verifiable imagery.


It analyses;

  • Dynamic changes in the performance of the bridge through Cause Matrix analysis
  • Cause of bridge distress
  • Provides geospatial information required to identify the location of distress.
  • Cause based protocol
  • The sustainability impacts of the bridges on the network is of significance using Life Cycle Cost Analysis [LCCA]
  • Risk analysis

Who can use GABM?

GABM can be used by small, micro and macro bridge inventory authorities who have to implement Bridge Management, that includes;

  • Concessionaire of NHAI
  • Repair and rehabilitation contractors
  • Toll Plaza
  • Municipal corporations
UBMS Application demo video for Bridge Management


GABM analytics software enhances the capabilities of Bridge Management System [BMS] multiple fold. The software incorporates dynamic performance-based decision-making process, inclusion of bridge information model and identification of cause of distress. The software also brings uniqueness by incorporating Sustainability index. This renders the research a big leap to ensure the Safety for Bridge users integrating advanced innovative technologies without compromising on Sustainability and Economic growth in the influence area.

To buy the software contact;
Phone: 9343833191, Email:


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