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FOSguard Conplast WL Xtra Integral waterproofing admixture


Integral waterproofing prevents the movement of water through the concrete by plugging or blocking the natural pores, capillaries and micro-cracks, thereby making concrete its own waterproofing barrier. There are different types of admixtures used nowadays for integral waterproofing, Modern integral waterproofing admixtures are available in both powder or liquid form and can be used for site production or large-scale industrial production of dry-mix plaster. These are multi-functional and capable of imparting workability, stability, water retention, sag resistance and enhanced adhesive properties to cement plaster.

But how to quantify a quality integral waterproofing admixture?

Some criteria must be met by the admixture to qualify as a high-performance integral waterproofing admixture.

  • Provide a reliable secondary barrier against rainwater, moisture and groundwater ingress into the concrete
  • The strength and impermeability of concrete are greatly improved.
  • The water tightness is achieved through lower w/c, thereby ensuring the durability of the concrete structure.
  • Must protect from water penetration and absorption
  • Should improve concrete durability
  • Makes the mix more workable at lower w/c
  • Does not change setting time nor adversely affect the reinforcement.
  • Free from chlorides
  • Must improve workability and cohesiveness of the concrete
  • A better surface finish of the concrete.
  • Improved pumpability and workability
  • Reduced shrinkage crack development in plaster and concrete.

FOSguard Conplast WL Xtra is one such admixture that meets all the criteria.

It conforms to IS:2645-2003. It is a dark brown liquid based on cement dispersion polymers that mixes readily with water and therefore disperse evenly. Conplast WL Xtra waterproofs by improving the quality of the concrete or mortar. It reduces the water demand for required workability and minimizes segregation and bleeding. Thus it is more efficient compared to traditional powder and conventional integral waterproofing compounds as its use results in two-fold improvement of concrete or mortar.

Features of Conplast WL Xtra

  • Advanced Technology: New generation molecule yields high-performance concrete. Suitable for any grade of concrete including higher grades.
  • Corrosion-resistant: Meets the requirements of Japanese code JIS Z1535 (modified) first of kings in the integral waterproofing range.
  • High Strength: Due to better dispersion of cement particles and helps in the better degree of hydration yielding high strength compared to control.
  • Cohesive Mix: Improves workability and cohesiveness of the concrete.
  • Durability: Improves durability due to reduction in permeability of concrete and corrosion resistance of steel.
  • Compatibility: Can be used with all types of cement, including pozzolanic, but not high alumina cement

Applications of Conplast WL Xtra

  • Recommended for all types of concrete and plaster.
  • Ideal for basements, tanks, balcony, floor and roof slabs

Conplast WL Xtra is available in 200 ml, 1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L, 50 L and 200 litre containers

Fosroc – ‘FOSguard’ a New Umbrella Brand for the Building Sector

Conplast WL Xtra Integral waterproofing admixture is a product under FOSguard brand of Fosroc India. They have unveiled this new umbrella brand for the building segment. It unites all of Fosroc’s vast experience in providing constructive solutions and services for every stage of a building’s life-cycle built on a broad portfolio of products. The new brand demonstrates Fosroc’s testament to continuing to drive innovation and deliver high-performance products to the buildings sector, whilst cementing their brand.

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