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Flooring Industry Development Initiation

IFA Webinar Series, Partnering with CII, Mumbai in Manufacturing Expo

3rd Webinar Series

Date: 22nd Jan – 21

Time: 4:30PM to 6PM IST

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Times are challenging and it has provided us with unique opportunities of stepping back, assessing, evolving for sustenance and strategizing for next 2-3 years. IFA team has been working on providing stakeholders of flooring industry for good visibility and standing in the market as key industry sector on its own.

We at IFA are conducting 4 webinar series starting from 8th Dec 2020. After discussion with various stakeholders of the industry, we have formed the webinar series for the flooring industry. IFA wants to bring exclusive and relevant subjects to the platform. We decided to bring subjects which were not presented in our previous events across India and also relevant to the current market.

Keeping with the IFA principles, the knowledge sharing is being done on IFA platform.

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