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Finding Replacement Parts for Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment is invaluable. Whether it is being used for mining, construction, or some completely different purpose, you often need to keep those machines running for long periods of time without interruption. This, naturally, means that parts can wear out quickly – often too quickly to manage alone.

If you need replacement parts, then you need to find a source to supply them that you can trust. The longer it takes to get your heavy equipment up and running, the more money you are burning and the further behind schedule you will get.

Look for Specific Parts

Always start your search by looking for the parts that you might need, rather than looking up generic sellers. There is no point researching a heavy equipment parts seller if you know that they do not currently offer parts related to your chosen tool – unless they offer other parts that you might need anyway, of course.

If you have used a certain piece of equipment for long enough to have replaced parts multiple times, then you should have at least a general understanding of which parts are most likely to break. Finding a seller that stocks these can be a great way to pre-emptively avoid delays or complications during larger-scale work.

Consider Delivery

Delivery is always going to be one of the most important things to keep in mind when you are getting heavy equipment parts. The longer delivery will take, the longer you will have to wait for the parts, which can lead to more delays and long periods of downtime as you wait for the equipment to be fixed.

Be sure to look into the delivery services offered by a platform or seller, as well as the expected delivery times. Sometimes you urgently need a new part to replace one that unexpectedly broke, and if delivery will take over a week, then you might need to get an entirely new machine in the meantime.Remember that you can select a trusted construction delivery service to handle this on your behalf, rather than relying on any provider offered by the seller that you might not be confident in using.

Look at Pricing

While it might not sound all that important for a larger company, the price can still play a huge part in the whole process of getting new parts. If a piece of mining equipment costs more than expected, that might eat into your budget for future repairs and leave you struggling to keep the machine maintained.

Buying from the right platforms is important. A Fortis HD undercarriage is going to be somewhat cheaper compared to some other sellers, making it a convenient replacement part purchase that still leaves more money for additional parts if needed.

Find Well-Stocked Sellers

While it might not be relevant to every piece of heavy equipment, you usually want a seller that has more than one of each part in stock. This means that you can quickly get a second replacement if something breaks and also means that your replacement part will not be snapped up by some other company first.

The more they have in stock, the easier it is to be sure that you will get the parts you need. A supplier that runs out of an important part becomes effectively useless to you until they can restock.


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