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FIBERCRETE – Synthetic Macro Fibers for reinforced concrete

Fiber Reinforced Concrete is increasingly being recognized for their technical and cost advantages. Research is increasingly demonstrating the technical and economic benefits of including reinforcement components in industrial products. Therefore, competitive products based on natural fibers are being developed that show excellent technical performance.

Concrete Fibers are categorized into two classes based on their size, shape & intended applications. The major factors affecting the characteristic of fiber-reinforced concrete are the water-cement ratio, percentage of fibers, diameter and length of fibers. One such fiber is FIBERCRETE Synthetic Macro Fibers. These are manufactured from bi-component of polyolefin combination formulas. The fiber can be used for improving cracking resistance, spalling protection, freeze-thaw durability and improving the homogeneity of concrete during placement. It is ideally suited in precast,  shotcrete, tunnel lining and slabs-on-ground, among many other applications.

FIBERCRETE Synthetic Macro Fibers

FIBERCRETE Synthetic Macro Fibers for Concrete Reinforcement complies with EFNARC, ASTM, IRC, MORTH, RVNL, MES Standards. These are designed to infuse the concrete with high added levels of energy absorption, flexural toughness, durability & to increase the post cracking residual strength of concrete. It also helps to mitigate the formation of shrinkage cracking in concrete.

Synthetic Fibers play a vital role in the design and construction of Ground Supported Slabs, Mezzanine Deck Slabs, Precast Concrete, PQC Roads, Industrial Flooring, Tunnell Lining, Shotcrete and a wide range of other applications.

Longitudinal Section of Ground Supported FRC Slab

Specifications of FIBERCRETE® Macro Synthetic Fibers High Tensile Strength

  • Greater Elastic Modulus
  • Non Corrosive
  • Acid & Alkali Resistance
  • Chemically Inert
  • Hydrophobic (do not absorb water)
  • High fiber count
  • Uniform Dispersion in concrete

Benefits of FIBERCRETE® Macro Synthetic Fibers

  • Eliminates complete steel reinforcements or welded wire mesh in mezzanine deck slabs & ground supported slabs.
  • Increases toughness & ductility of the concrete.
  • Controls and mitigates plastic & dry shrinkage cracks.
  • Enhances impact, abrasion & shear resistance of the concrete.
  • Increases spalling resistance of the concrete.
  • Reduces water permeability in concrete.
  • Reduces dead load of concrete elements.
  • Provides 3D reinforcement for the concrete structures.
  • Less abrasive to pumping lines & equipments.
  • Light weight with high fiber count.
  • Easy Handling, Cost effective & speeds up progress of work.

Interesting Trivia about Synthetic fibers………

Steel fibers are stronger than synthetic fibers; How can synthetics be considered equal??

FIBERCRETE Macro Fibers have a lower Tensile Strength and Modulus of Elasticity when compared to that of steel fibers. But synthetic fibers will have a much higher fiber count across a potential crack.

I.e. 1 Kg of Synthetic Macro Fibers = 7 Kg of Steel Fibers

In effect, the total stress transfer capacity across a crack should be equivalent when dosed on the performance basis. The effective section strength of the FRC is also dependent on the ability of the fiber to bond to the concrete matrix itself. A very high tensile strength fiber that does not bond to concrete will not perform as a good fiber candidate. The performance of the fiber reinforced concrete is determined by the behaviour of the composite material rather than that of individual fibers.

Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport & Highways in the Government of India embraces new alternative modern materials and methodologies and ji has clearly mentioned”

SYNTHETIC FIBERS ” as the way ahead for the industry to move ahead instead of steel fibers. Check out what he has said –


FIBERCRETE is the latest innovation in polymer extrusion products developed by KALYANI POLYMERS PVT LTD. Since our establishment in the year 1995, we have won the satisfaction of our clients in Domestic and International markets. Having set a strong foothold in early 1990’s, we now export to more than 45 countries globally

FIBERCRETE has been conceptualized due to the desire and a vision to offer value added benefits to the Construction sector. They are using the most modern Extrusion or Production technologies to offer world class fiber products under “MAKE IN INDIA” and “#ATMANIRBHAR” to cater to the requirements of INDIA and the WORLD.

FIBERCRETE was launched after extensive Research & Development and collaboration with leading RMC / EPC companies in INDIA and around the World.

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