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Fast Forward your construction with Robo Acotec walls

Robo Acotec walls are manufactured by casting concrete in a reusable wall mold or form which is then cured in a controlled environment. It speeds up the construction process. It can be used as load-bearing structures and will save costs by eliminating the need for an additional structural framing system. It can be produced with textures including form liner shapes, artwork, and lettering to provide distinctive accent treatments. The product is manufactured under the strictest quality control monitoring processes by Robomatic Precon Pvt Ltd.

Robo Acotec walls are concrete Hollow Core walls made with M25 grade concrete, manufactured in a fully automated machine imported from FINLAND. These are produced by plain concrete with cylindrical hollow cores running longitudinally which reduces selfweight and facilitates easy incorporation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. The sides of the panels are tongued and grooved for positive jointing.

These are extruded non loadbearing concrete walls, manufactured in fully automated machines under strictest quality control monitoring process. The panels facilitate mechanical, electrical and plumbing through hollows, increasing thermal and insulative properties. Construction using the Robo Acotec wall is cost and resource efficient. The wall doesn’t require plastering or lintel construction. Robomatic wall panels are energy efficient, recyclable and reusable.

Robo Actotec walls being manufactured in fully automated machine

Why choose Robo Acotec walls?


Construction time is 7x times faster than the regular brick wall construction and 5x times faster than AAC blocks.

Minimum resource requirement

Construction using Robo Acotec wall is cost and resource efficient. These ROBO walls don’t require plastering or Lintel Construction. These ROBO walls fit in perfectly and can be painted directly reduced wastage during the construction process.

Flexibility and aesthetics

You can plan and execute designs accurately and achieve structural efficiency due to variable sizes and dimensions of the Robo Acotec walls.

Advantages of Robo Acotec Walls

Energy efficient

Robo Acotec walls are energy efficient, recyclable and reusable with minimal waste during the production process too.

Insulative and space management

The Robo Acotec wall support mechanical, electrical and plumbing service, and provide excellent thermal and sound insulation. These walls permit larger carpet area and extended space management.

Advantages of Robo Acotec Walls

  • Easy and quick to install, 7 times faster than conventional wall construction.
  • Light in weight reduces the dead weight of the structure.
  • Gives more carpet area with less thickness of walls maintaining superior strengths.
  • Cheaper than conventional walls.
  • No Plastering required.
  • Lower thermal conductivity and Lower coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • Labour free experience for the client.
  • Easy to run electrical conduits when compared to brick wall construction.
  • No curing required.
Conventional Vs Robo Acotec Walls

Applications of Robo Acotec Walls

High durability, reduced weight and wastage, and competitive construction costs make these walls an ideal choice for construction of residential, industrial, commercial and institutional projects. The Robo Acotec walls facilitate mechanical, electrical and plumbing through hollows, thereby increasing thermal and insulative properties. The tongue and grooved panels assure perfect and seamless jointing.

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About Robomatic

Robomatic Precon Pvt Ltd is the manufacturer of ROBO Acotec wall panels in India. The company was incorporated in the year 2016 and headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The company is focused on making the process of construction and infrastructure development faster for residential, commercialand industrial projects. Using the automated production line, the company produces Robo Acotec wall panels for the construction of medium to high rise buildings.

Robomatic Precon Pvt. Ltd. Factory where Robo Acotecc Walls are manufactured

About founder

Vijay K Kosaraju, MD, Robomatic Precon Pvt. Ltd.

“We are dedicated to improve the performance and experience of your entire operation from manufacturing to installation of the Robo Acotec walls at the site.”

Vijay K Kosaraju is the Founder and Managing Director, Robomatic Precon Pvt. Ltd., a company that manufactures hollow core wall panels which are easy to install and faster then conventional wall construction. In addition, he has also been leading the Robo Silicon Pvt. Ltd. group for 17 years after laying its foundation in 2000 and he is the Founder and Managing Director of Robotek Buildcon and Rotek Infra Pvt. Ltd.

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