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Dust Free Polished/Densified Concrete Floor For Various Sectors

Floors take the most burnt in a warehouse, so it needs to be constructed perfectly to avoid mishaps and for restoring functionality and durability. Floors for warehouses should provide both general performance characteristics: resistance to mechanical stress, dust, hygiene; and unique performance properties of the floor for various purposes. Polished concrete flooring is a great option for your warehouse flooring. Dust free Polished/ Densified concrete flooring can withstand the heaviest loads, the attack of the chemical elements and a host of other conditions that could end the integrity of virtually any material, not just other types of floors. The life span of polished concrete is very long and therefore offers durability for spaces that suffer heavy wear, such as warehouses. Dust – free Polished concrete flooring provides UV resistant protection which gives a fabulous high gloss finish to the surface. It is dustproof and it shields penetration of liquids which means reduced maintenance cost. Dust Free Polished/Densified Concrete Floor gives mirror-like shine and is easily cleanable. It is applicable for new as well as old floors.

Dust Free Polished/Densified Concrete Floor in India from Hikerete

Dust -Free Polished/Densified Concrete floors are done by troweling or polishing is carried out with power-trowels, which are troweling machines that make the concrete floor flat and as smooth as possible. This type of flooring needs expert supervision. One such group is Hikerete India. Their polished concrete not only utilizes existing concrete surfaces to eliminate the need for additional materials such as coverings/coatings. They have ventured into the polished concrete line of flooring with a tie-up with HTC Sweden, a leader in the manufacturing of concrete grinding & polishing machines worldwide. They are providing HTC Superfloor™ services for warehouses in India.HTC’s machines and diamond tools grind and polish concrete floors to remove the surface paste and expose the stronger concrete beneath. By installing HTC Superfloor™ you transform your construction concrete to a usable, dust-free and hard floor that becomes more resistant to wear and traffic. It can be applied in new as well as on old concrete floors. Hikerete is the Application Specialists of HTC Superfloors for warehouses.

Advantages HTC Superfloors for warehouses

  • Dirty, grey floors are transformed into brilliant, easy-clean, environmentally-friendly and durable floors.
  • It combines aesthetics with functionality. The glossy concrete surface is not just aesthetically pleasing, it brings a host of other benefits too.
  • An extremely economical option for all types of business activities. The life cycle cost is about 60% less than for traditional flooring solutions. And using the Twister method of cleaning, you’ll find your floor is simple,environmentally-friendly and cost-effective to maintain.
  • Compared with traditional methods for concrete floors or epoxy, HTC Superfloor™ offers unbeatable durability. 
  • Uses as much as 30 times less energy than traditional flooring solutions. 
  • Available as four different concepts. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. This means you can choose between a floor with a matt surface finish or a high gloss.
  • The resistance tests conducted, both on floor joists and concrete slabs on the ground, show that HTC Superfloor™ complies with the SS-EN 61340-5-1 standard. Measured values fall within the range for the international IEC standard and the American ANSI/ESD standard too. The limits stipulated in the standard for the handling of electronics have not been exceeded by HTC Superfloor™ in any case.

Dust Free Polished/Densified Concrete Floor For Various  Sectors

  • Warehouse and logistics
  • Large format stores and supermarkets
  • Retail stores
  • Commercial buildings
  • Malls and showrooms

Hikrete- Dust Free Polished/Densified Concrete Floor 

Hikrete dust-free concrete floors have lots of benefits that make it stand out from other flooring options. Considering the modern technology used in transforming concrete into a very smooth and aesthetically pleasant flooring, customers have the chance to benefit from their services. Their service is gaining increased acceptance over floor coating & is ideal for industrial floors, warehouses, commercial floors, etc. Prompt service & technical support has been the mainstay of the company. Customized solutions & the promise to introduce innovative products in the concrete flooring range has been the founding principles of Hikrete. Going forward Hikrete shall continue to provide the best value for money service & products in the concrete floor finishing domain to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction & success.

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