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Durable and Lightweight Ceramic Roofing Tiles

KPG roofings provide you with the finest quality ceramic coated roofing tiles to colour the buildings of your dreams. They have several ranges of products under different varieties of designs and colour. The company provides high-quality AAA graded tiles only. Their ceramic roof tiles offer great value for money as well as specific advantages over the alternative roofing materials. These have a longer life compared to the traditional clay tiles, thanks to the white clay content and extreme compression techniques by the factory. The porcelain content gives more strength to the roof tiles and has a load-bearing capacity of 250 KGs. The ceramic coating in the external shell gives more resistance to the varying weather conditions. The water will be repelled by the coating and no water will be absorbed by the tiles. The colours have 3 layers of coating, triple that of any other ceramic roof tiles, which ensures colours stay forever. 

KPG branded roofing tiles are designed by a perfect combination of high-quality Ceramic and White clay ingredients. White clay provides superior reflectivity, heat resistance, relatively lightweight, long-lasting, fire and weather resistant, Low maintenance and Ceramic provides extremely hardness and durability. The effective coverage area is also lesser, so in a cost-wise comparison including the installation and maintenance, our roof tiles are a better bet than the traditional roof tiles. In addition to the effective advantages, KPG tiles offer, they also look wonderful and have a distinctive European appeal due to their longevity and durability, your home will retain its aesthetic appeal for a long period.

Advantages of KPG ceramic roofing tiles

  • Durability and have a longer life than clay roof tiles
  • Prevents heat
  • Effective covering area of 1 sq. feet per tile
  • KPG tiles are water-proof, fire-proof, rust-proof and weather-proof, making them one of the most durable construction materials.
  • They can withstand any weather and their color does not fade away. KPG roof tiles even offer a 30-year warranty on the color. KPG roof tiles won’t rust, fade, warp, disfigure or corrode.
  • Prevents algae and fungus
  • The base material used to manufacture KPG tiles are natural white clay.
  • Due to KPG tiles being extremely durable, maintenance costs range from zero to Zero.
  • KPG Branded tiles are lighter (2.2 kg) than traditional clay tiles (2.8 kg) and have much more density. This ensures the KPG roof tiles are more stronger and durable than clay roof tiles.
  • Load-bearing capacity of 250 kgs
  • Visually Stunning and premium looks.
  • Available in 15+ colours.

Product range

Our product range comprises of four types of roof tiles with a wide variant of colour and design to choose from;

  • Jasper- Premium Roof Tiles
  • Excel- Durable Roof Tiles
  • Tamar- Premium Red Clay Roof Tiles
  • Classic- Stylish Roof Tiles

We have focused on Jasper- Premium Roof Tiles in this part. It comes in with astounding shades to fit in a wide variety of architectural styles.

Features of Jasper – Premium Roof Tiles

  • Highly Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Colour Permanence
  • Thermal and Noise Resistance
  • Resistance to the external environment
  • High Strength and Load Bearing Capacity

KPG ROOFINGS is the largest and the most popular roofing store in India. Started as a business of roof tiles and stone coated roofing sheets in the small town of Pallikkal Bazar in Kerala, KPG Roofings quickly transformed into the pioneers of roofings in Kerala. By 2021, KPG roofings will have 30 fully functional roofing showrooms and additional showrooms under construction. Along with roof tiles, the showrooms will also have roofing shingles, rain gutters, roofing rivets, adhesives and other roofing accessories.

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