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Drywall Estimating 101: A Guide for Contractors

Many contractors have found it extremely challenging to estimate for drywall work. Do not worry at all now! We have a helpful guide that will make your job of estimating and completing drywall take-offs trouble-freely.

Primarily, two steps are involved when doing drywall estimating. First step is to count drywall sheets, screws, corner beads, mud and tape needed for the project. Second step is to calculate the materials and labor costs. You can read more about drywall take-offs and estimating services.

Complete guide on estimating drywall hanging and taping cost

The estimated cost of drywall varies from state to state, project to project. Residential construction projects cost $2200 for 1000 square feet. On a per square foot basis, the installation cost lies in between $ 1.50 and $ 2.30. Furthermore, adding specialty materials like we have Class X drywall and green board increase drywall installation cost.

Drywall Materials: Which factors impacts its total cost?

  • The total price depends what kind of drywall you want to install, whether you want to go for three-eighths, half inch or five-eighths.
  • The price goes high if you want to add specialty archways into your drywall.
  • Adding green board into your bathroom drywalls makes the price go up.
  • Heavy sheets of class X drywall surge the price.
  • The price varies depending if your whole project needs4×8 sheets or some of the rooms’ need 10′, 12′ or 14′, or 16′ panels.

Drywall Labor: Which factors impacts its total cost?

  • An expert drywall hanger charges more than a beginner-level drywall hanger.
  • An experienced drywall taper charges more and get done with his job in less time.
  • The region whose economy is undergoing on a faster scale, labors working in that region charges more.

Dry wall miscellaneous costs

Drywall permits and prep work cost, theseare the miscellaneous costs that you must keep in mind when preparing drywall estimating.

Other miscellaneous costs include waste removal and cleaning, sandpaper, and supplies needed for protecting the finished areas. Costs linked with the prep work, buying lunch for workers, renting a machinery lift to reach to the high ceiling, insurance if the project is of high-profile type and extra labor should be included in your report.

If you forget adding these costs in your estimating plan, it is assured these expenses will eat away your whole profitability. Though these are small costs, but when added together, a high cost number is generated.

Drywall Overhead cost

The drywall overhead cost includesoffice staff expenses, computer costs, and insurance and vehicle payments. Moreover, this includes rent and mortgage payments andutility payments.Outside overhead expenses also include software subscriptions. Experts have repeatedly advised to keep the overhead expenses cost as low as you can.

Bonus tips when Estimating Drywall Installation Cost

Some bonus tips for you, feel free to check them out:

Tip # 1- Accurately calculating the number of drywall sheets you need

To accurately count the number of drywall sheets you need, you can try this tip.

  • Divide the total square footage of area by 32, in case if you are using 4-by-8 sheets.
  • Divide the total square footage of area by 48, in case if you are using 4-by-12 sheets.
  • The answer will give you the exact number that how many drywall sheets your project needs.
  • Besides, add 15 percent for in case you make odd cuts.

Tip # 2- Estimate Drywall Tape you need for your project

  • Use the total number of drywall sheetsand multiply them by the perimeter of each sheet. This will help you accuratelymeasure the feet of joint tape.
  • Giving you a general idea, the perimeter of a 4-by-8 drywall sheet is 16 feet. On the other hand, the perimeter of a 4-by-12 drywall sheet is 20 feet.

Tip # 3- Estimate Joint Compound you need for drywall installation

  • It is commonly seen that 0.053 pounds of mud is needed per square foot of drywall.
  • For example, if you have planned to install 1,600 square feet of drywall, you will need 84.8 pounds of compound.

Tip # 4- Estimate Drywall Screws you require for the project

  • Dividethe square footage of drywall simply by 300, this will give you an exact estimation that how many pounds of screws you need for the respective project.
  • For example, 1,600 square feet of drywall needs 5.33 pounds of screws.

Tip # 5- Estimate Corner Beads for drywall installation project

  • Just count the total number of outside wall corners.
  • Use one full corner bead for each wall corner.
  • It can be an 8-foot bead or 10-foot bead. 

You can keep tuned with us and sooner more updated drywall estimating guide will be shared with you.


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