Doosan Upgraded DX42-5K & DX50-5K 4- & 5-Ton Mini Excavators

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Doosan Infracore North America presents a pair of updated 4- and 5-ton (3.6- and 4.5-metric-ton) mini excavators, the DX42-5K and DX50-5K. The Tier 4 emissions standard-compliant diggers are ideal for landscape, residential, and commercial jobs, the manufacturer says.

New Features

Doosan improved on its prior models’ over-the-side digging and lifting performance by enhancing the DX42-5K and DX50-5K’s counterweight and endowing them with a new dual-flange track roller system. Both can be fitted with a long arm option for extra reach. They have six tie-downs for transport instead of two, and a crane can use the excavators’ new integrated lift eye to help load them onto a trailer.

The duo’s new dozer blade is better at shedding debris and is more durable along its top edge. The DX42-5K and DX50-5K’s auxiliary hydraulic couplers have been moved to the arm for easier access. The operator can now mount another attachment without disconnecting the clamp hoses thanks to a new, optional clamp diverter valve. Available options include a heavy-duty bucket, a wedge lock quick coupler, and a hydraulic clamp; Doosan offers all three items in an optional attachment package. An angle blade is also available.

The seat and windows are wider in the DX42-5K and DX50-5K’s standard air-conditioned cab. There are new function buttons on the joystick. A rearview camera is optional, as is an open station and canopy.

With a near-zero tail swing and a slender 77-inch width, the Doosan DX50-5K can operate in restricted spaces. (Photo courtesy of Doosan.)


The DX42-5K is a 10,114-pound (4,194-kilogram) machine with a more fuel-efficient 42.6-horsepower three-cylinder engine. Maximum dig depth with its standard arm is 10 feet, 5 inches (3.2 meters). Its maximum reach is 17 ft., 3 in. (2.2 m), and its standard bucket capacity is 5.1 cubic feet (0.14 cubic meters). Its tail swing overhang measures 12 in. (305 millimeters).

The DX50-5K is a bit wider than its smaller sibling at 77 inches (1,956 mm). That said, its minimal tail swing—a mere 0.8 inches (20 mm)—lets it get down to business even in confined spaces. The 11,486-lb (5,210-kg) diesel digger’s new three-cylinder engine pumps out 49.7 horsepower. It has a maximum digging depth of 11 ft., 5 in. (3.48 m) and a maximum ground reach of 19 ft., 4 in. (5.89 m). The standard bucket capacity for the DX50-5K is 5.3 ft3 (0.15 m3).

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