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Doosan launches new DX85R-7 eight tonne mini-excavator

Doosan has launched its new DX85R-7 eight tonne mini-excavator, the latest addition to the company’s next generation range of Stage V mini-excavators. The DX85R-7 reduced tail swing (RTS) excavator is designed to offer maximum performance, optimum stability, increased versatility, enhanced operator comfort, controllability, durability, ease of maintenance and serviceability.

The DX85R-7 utilises a newly improved upper structure platform offering increased durability and robustness and a different boom swing cylinder layout resulting in an increased boom swing angle of 60o. Together the RTS design and boom swing angle make the DX85R-7 ideal for work in confined spaces on projects in construction, landscaping, utilities, rental, agriculture, recycling, waste and many other areas. The bucket digging force of the DX85R-7 is 6.7 tonne and this is combined with a traction force of 6.6 tonne, whilst travel speeds are a mobile 2.9 km/h in the low range and 4.8 km/h in the high range.

As well as sharing the new global styling common to all the new Doosan mini-excavators from 2 to 10 tonne, the DX85R-7 is powered by the Doosan D24 Stage V compliant diesel engine providing 48.5 kW (65 HP) of power at 2100 RPM. As a result, the DX85R-7 excavator offers excellent fuel efficiency, among the best in its class. It also combines exceptional power output and high torque at low RPM, more than 9% more than the previous DX85R-3 model. A combination of Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter aftertreatment methods ensure compliance with Stage V regulations. The DPF offers a 25% increased ash cleaning period of 5000 hours compared to the DX85R-3.

High comfort cab

With a height to the top of the cab of over 2.6 m and a width of 2.25 m, the new cab on the DX85R-7 is especially roomy and comfortable, providing excellent operator comfort and controllability. The cab has a full glass entry door to maximize operator visibility on this side of the machine from inside the cab. The four standard high luminance LED work lamps on the cab further enhance visibility.

Key features of the new cab include:

  • An enhanced heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system
  • A/C Control Panel Keypad
  • 8 inch Touch Screen Display
  • Panto Wiper with increased wiping area
  • DAB Audio
  • Sunglasses Case
  • Air Suspension Seat with Heating
  • Thumbwheel Joystick
  • Auxiliary flow control in the cab
  • USB Charger & 12V Socket
  • Foldable pedals

Protected by a Falling Object Protection Structure, the safety of the operator in the cab is further optimised with a rear view camera as standard and an optional Around View Monitoring 360° (AVM) system offering a choice of five views on the display (Bird view, Rear, Bird view + Right, Rear + Corner and 3D).

The enhanced HVAC system is the best on the market, providing more nozzles to direct warming and cooling air, including both front and rear pillar nozzles that together help to improve the system performance. Larger nozzles are also used to ensure direct and sufficient airflow for operators and manual adjustment of the opening/closing of the nozzles is also possible.

The HVAC system and the DAB Audio can be controlled through the 8 inch touch screen and the feed from the optional rear view camera can be displayed on the screen. The monitor also shows the flow rate setting, which can be controlled in 10 steps with the thumbwheel joystick due to the newly applied EPPR (Electro-hydraulic Proportional Pressure Reducing) valve for rotating and 2-way functions.

New main control valve

A new series main control valve (MCV) is utilised in the DX85R-7, that has improved performance by reducing the internal pressure loss, compared to the DX85R-3. The new MCV cuts energy wastage and pressure losses by over 40%, significantly reducing operating costs. The central location of the MCV also enhances its maintainability and helps to optimise the work visibility from the cab.

An improved working range has resulted from the new position of the boom foot point, which has been moved forward by 100 mm and upwards by 50 mm. The DX85R-7 also offers improved lifting power and stability through a number of design changes, including the 127 mm increase in the tumbler length (2.952 mm), a redesigned undercarriage with lower ground approaching angle, an expanded rear swing radius and dual flange and double profile roller for both rubber track and steel track type shoes.

Dozer improvements on the DX85R-7 have increased the jack up height/digging depth and the lift angle. A newly designed 1.45 tonne cast counterweight also ensures excellent machine balance and stability when working.


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