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Different types of piling rig models

Different types of piling rig models are being used to drive piles into the soil to provide foundation support for buildings, bridges and other structures. It is typically applied to drill in sandy soil, silty clay, clay, etc., and is widely used cast-in-place piles, foundation reinforcement, diaphragm walls, and other foundation projects. Growing urbanisation and increased demand for buildings, railroads, and roads have resulted in demand for piling rigs across the country.

Manufacturers of piling equipment are leveraging technological innovation to improve the quality and performance of their equipment models. The latest models come with self–propelled and self–erecting features. The equipment has minimal erection and commissioning times and is adaptable as per the requirement to various jobs of foundations of bridges, flyovers, jetties, ports, and so on. The manufacturers are focused on leveraging technology that can locate foundations using GPS or other terrestrial positioning systems. Furthermore, many types of sensors are employed on crane masts of foundation rigs for foundation element location. Additionally, various technological advancements, such as the development of machine variants with low-noise and low-emission features, are acting as other major growth-inducing factors. Discussed below are different types of piling rig models.

Types of piling rig models

Piling rig for difficult geological conditions

The latest range of rotary piling rigs is used for cast in-situ boring pile work across urban Infrastructure, metro and rapid rail connectivity, bridges, flyovers and general construction. The rotary piling rigs have an independent retractable undercarriage for piling application. The main and auxiliary winches are installed on the rear of the rotating platform which reduces the tipping load and provides high stability during drilling 360° around the rig. The winches are fitted with patented rollers which reduces the winding layers, thus improving the reliability of the machine and reducing operating cost. High strength anti-deformation design is adopted for the drill mast. The rectangular mast section is wider in the guide rail direction, which effectively reduces the structural stress of the mast and makes it more suitable for the rock-penetrating construction sites. The models are equipped with a patented parallelogram system with dig driving force and a free erection mechanism that enables big drilling radius with stability. The rotary piling rig can be attached with various drilling tools and can be used for difficult geological conditions such as clay, sand, pebble and weather rock stratus.

ACE SA175 Pilling Rig

Micro piling rig for small-diameter drilling

Micro piling rigs are used in small-diameter drilling & deep borehole construction and is suitable for small and medium-sized pile foundation projects in towns, municipal engineering and factory constructions. The tailored chassis with larger spaces for pumps and valves is for easy maintenance during work. The machine is flexible and easy to operate. During construction, the compound action is consistent and smooth, enabling high drilling efficiency. It comes with an Intelligent control system and EVI mobile exclusive APP that supports remote real-time monitoring for the equipment states and construction. The micro piling machine is powered by a six-gears control system. The model’s Kelly bar is made of high-strength steel tubes with a light design. The Kelly bar offers maximum output torque reaching 155kN.m, maximum pile depth of friction. The design of the main winch delivers a faster speed and bigger lifting power. The spacious cab comes with a panorama sunroof and is designed to give the operator a comfortable environment and wide visibility.

Casagrande B250 XP-2

Piling rig for wider work range

Piling rig models come equipped with a single-layer rope winding winch system. This helps in increasing the rope life. An infrared camera is available for observing the main winch, the manipulator can observe the state of the steep rope day and night inside the cab. The optional configuration according to customers’ requirements, such as. support cylinder, automatic positioning of slewing, hydraulic casing oscillator, and DTH hammer.  The patented parallelogram articulation structure actualizes a wider work range. The highly strengthened box-type steel structure design makes the mast highly rigid, therefore the rigging accuracy is improved. A standard centralized lubrication system in the model allows easier maintenance.

Sany SR155

Piling rig for multifunctional activities

Piling rigs are being manufactured for multi-functional activities to drill boreholes, insert and extract casings, to power a casing oscillator, for piling by the continuous flight auger method. The models can work on the most difficult sites and have excellent technical characteristics consisting of a high-speed winch for fast work, and maximum torque output. The models can be used for drilling large and small-diameter boreholes and for driving long casings. The model comes equipped with Smart Power Management (SPM). It is an intelligent engine power management system that improves the performances and productivity of the machinery. It monitors the momentary power flows and immediately allocates the available power to the different jobs, so the operation function always has the maximum power available.


Piling rig for high inclinations

Latest piling rig models feature kinematics which enable very high radius of movement and inclinations of up to 18° in all directions. With the model, a complete pile group can be installed from one location without repositioning the carrier machine. The flexible hammer system allows the use of different ram weights. The control system offers a multitude of programmes and control options for various piling methods. The compact rig can be transported in one piece with the hammer mounted and is consequently ready for operation on the job site in a short time.

Liebherr LRH 100.1


Discussed above the different types of piling equipment models being used across roads, expressways, metro railways in cities for high-speed railway projects, ports and jetties.

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