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Different types of heavy hauling infrastructure equipments

The right hauling equipment plays a key role in the construction and has to transport heavy and oversized loads. To be able to haul large and heavy loads, it will require the use of hauling equipment in the construction industry. Having heavy hauling equipment at the worksite on time is important for the success of any construction job. These are used for hauling units to transport the earth, aggregate, rock, ore, coal and other materials. A huge variety of hauling equipment is involved in construction purposes, and a few of them described below.

Types of heavy hauling equipments

Bulldozers for heavy hauling

Modern bulldozers are designed and built to take on especially in challenging conditions like the extreme heat and cold, sandy deserts and rocky terrain. Grouped service points, sight gauges and easy engine compartment access help make regular maintenance more convenient. Load Sensing Hydraulics continuously adjusts hydraulic power to maximize your efficiency; a dedicated implement pump ensures adequate available hydraulic power. Advanced Modular Cooling System has an excellent cooling capacity with increased airflow, allowing the machine to work in the most demanding environments. The latest models come with special arrangements such for desert, heavy construction and steel mill applications. Suspended undercarriage absorbs impact and reduces shock loads transferred to the undercarriage by up to 50% – resulting in a smoother, more comfortable ride. Modern bulldozers are built to withstand the incredible stresses of today’s mine operations while achieving the production levels that mining company bottom lines demand. High tractive effort and the low drive, K-bogie undercarriage system make these bulldozers incredible ripping machines. Using high production Sigma blades or inside-mounted six-way blades, these bulldozers are versatile enough to accomplish those tasks and so much more. And now, built-in intelligence is available so you can work flawlessly with leading GPS grade control systems. Couple that with 3D grade control and you get a fast and accurate grading system. Large dozers have the power and capacity to move the production units and still retain the precise control and maneuverability to grade and shape when required.

cat heavy hauling equipments
Large dozers have the power and capacity to haul the production units and still retain the precise control

Truck mounted Excavators for heavy hauling

Modern Truck mounted Excavators are equipped with heavy-duty buckets that ensure long life even in tough applications. With its heavy-duty and reinforced boom & arm, it provides more stability during lifting and side shifting of blocks. Equipped with CRDI Engine, results in high fuel efficiency and generates high torque at low speed to suit various job needs. 360-degree rotation increases convenience, safety, and productivity. An operator can really take advantage of the full rotation with short radius models, which are great for road work because operators do not need to close down a second lane of traffic. The newer model features an elongated boom and arm and additional counterweight for increased digging capabilities in deep or long-distance digging applications, With an operating weight of 88,200 pounds, the model features a 268 horsepower Tier 4 Final diesel engine and up to 24,500 foot-pounds of bucket digging force. The extended arm and boom provide a max.

The new range of long Reach excavators is primarily used in applications like well digging, river and canal cleaning and metro construction. Excavators are designed for better synchronization of engine and hydraulic system with extended and heavier components. The machine is equipped with an 8.5 m long boom, 6.02 m long arm and long crawler undercarriage having 800 mm track-shoe width for better operating safety and stability.

Modern excavators comes is used for hauling with increased digging capabilities in deep digging applications

Crawlers for heavy hauling

Modern crawlers come with a tracked chassis and a loader that can be used for digging and moving/loading materials. They are a versatile component of any fleet, able to perform many tasks. These days, loader models are most often needed to move heavy materials on a construction site. move on tracks, which can be manufactured using different materials and a varying number of grousers to make them capable of maneuvering various surfaces. Automatic Track Tensioning System in crawler loaders eliminates the need for manually tensioning the tracks on the loader before a work operation. When the machine is started, the hydraulic system automatically pressurizes a load device that provides the ideal tension for the track system. The system uses this excess hydraulic pressure to maintain proper track tension during use. New generation crawler loaders come with ECO mode. This provides the operator with the power to save between 10%-15% fuel at the touch of a button. The Advanced Power Management system works in the background to ensure that you save fuel without compromising performance.


Automatic Track Tensioning System in crawler loaders are important when hauling in a rough terrain

Dump trucks for heavy hauling

Modern dump trucks come in an assortment of types and configurations, with each designed for use across a variety of different applications, so picking the right one for your project or operation is important. Popular applications include using articulated dump trucks for civil and mining operations, rigid rear dump trucks for use in tandem with hydraulic excavators in mining, site dumpers and front tippers for use in compact or low capacity operations, track-mounted dump truck for operations that require work on sandy, bog, dirt, snow, or muddy terrain, hi-rail dump truck for use in railway projects, and underground dump truck for use in both hard-rock and soft-rock underground mining and tunnel construction projects.

KOmatsu heavy hauling equipments
Dump trucks are popular choice for hauling materials in mining site

Cranes for heavy hauling

Modern crane is compact and highly maneuverable with robust construction and high torque multiplicity, which make them performance-worthy for rough terrains and applications. This means that they can get into tighter spaces. Outriggers provide stability for lifting operations and, by using a hydraulic boom and hoist, rough terrain cranes can lift heavy loads to exceptional heights. Most rough terrain cranes have 4-wheel drive to better navigate off-road. Modern models have the highest possible level of standard safety features available on a rough terrain crane. New models are simplified fly assembly with new ground-level carrier controls. One control raises and lowers the boom angle from 0 to -3 degrees, and another control is used for the fly assist cylinder. The crane has a new winch design with ultra-wide drums designed to provide increased line pull at higher working layers. Modern machines predominantly have telescopic booms, although they are also available with lattice booms. They are designed to travel on public highways and are often based on, or mounted on commercially available truck chassis. They are powered by a diesel engine and employ hydraulic systems to drive the boom and lifting gear. The powerful, long telescopic booms can reach great working heights quickly and easily. Flexibility is the highest priority for the equipment – the right crane for every job can be configured quickly using functional lattice extensions, folding jobs, fixed and luffing lattice jobs.

Modern cranes are compact that comes with high torque multiplicity for hauling materials

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