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Different Types of Asphalt Paver Machines in India

The modern asphalt paver machines come with features that allow for easy loading and transport, coupled with the ability to change widths quickly. Manufacturers are coming up with hydraulically expandable screeds for contractors seeking easy operation and maximum uptime. There are asphalt paver machines available with hydraulically expandable screeds that are handling both asphalt and wet mix. The asphalt paver market continues to witness lucrative opportunities on the backdrop of increasing construction activity across the country. The sector is observing different innovations and trends that are influencing current asphalt paver manufacturing. Manufacturers are introducing upgraded asphalt pavers models with an extended variety of features for end-users along with a high-performance level. They are increasingly taking efforts to develop energy-efficient asphalt pavers ideal for multiple tasks such as road construction & land maintenance. Manufacturers are modifying their pavers by incorporating new technologies and intelligent systems. The aim is to achieve better throughput and reduce operator fatigue and machine optimization. From smaller areas to larger areas different needs need to be addressed. Discussed below are a few of the popular asphalt paver machines that are available in India.

Types of Asphalt Paver Machines in India

Asphalt paver with material feeding system

There is tracked paver available in the Indian market ideal for curves and tighter spaces. The tracks provide grip, which is particularly helpful on steep grades. The material feeding system in the machines provides quality and material consistency The paver is small enough that it can be transported by truck. A quality conveyor system enables consistent material flow from the hopper to auger and screed, ensuring high productivity and that quality targets can be achieved. In the latest models, independent conveyor belts with a bigger width are also enabled with the individual front tensioning system. There is a consistent distribution of material across the full screen with proportional speed control. The slim auger box and the large auger size reduce possible segregation to a minimum and enable the machines to place a quality mat. The hoppers of these aver ideally suit the machine size, giving it large capacities while maintaining flexibility and compact dimensions needed for its application in curves and tighter spaces. The operator platform optimizes visibility and ensures all key controls are easily accessible. These types of machine’s application area include National roads, Municipal roads, Building lots, Squares and courtyards and Sporting courts.

Ammann AFT 400-2

Asphalt paver with automatic full-time track tensioning system

The newer models come with the hydraulic system matched to deliver consistent levels and a smooth mat finish. All heavy-duty components are designed to complement each other while performing in the toughest conditions. Featuring a maximum paving width of 7 m using extensions, this proven variable width design employs on-the-go operation. The powerful tamping bar and vibration system deliver high pre-compaction density. The electronically ignited gas heating system, designed with flame failure protection, quickly and efficiently heats the screed plate, while the LPG blower burner system provides uniform heat for a smooth mat finish, with quality pre compaction. The automatic full-time track tensioning system maintains correct track tension for smooth operation while reducing track wear and minimizing downtime. The operator’s cab provides excellent visibility to the hopper, material delivery truck, auger area, material flow, screed and final mat(final finish). The newer model comes with a paver material handling system designed to incorporate hard and extra thick, wear-resistant components, all delivering a long life while resisting wear from abrasive lay-down material. The application of these machines includes large-scale road construction.

Volvo P5320B ABG

Asphalt pavers for demanding terrain

Addressing tough terrain is a pivotal concern for road equipment manufacturers. For better handling difficult terrain there are models available. These models come with powerful crawler tracks and accurate steering. The road pavers have been designed for tough road construction operations. All components responsible for moving the material are built from high-quality wear-resistant steel and have been manufactured with precision. The machine’s chassis and material handling systems provide total robustness. The paver also comes with a high-performance hydraulic system. The hydraulics provide an accurate drive for the material handling systems, thus ensuring an optimal head of mix in front of the screed at all times. Combined with the cutting-edge Extending Screed, the machine is capable of building high-quality pavements in varying widths between 2.55 and 4.8 m, and even achieves a maximum page width of 7.3 m through the addition of bolt-on extensions. The paver comes with a high-performance hydraulic system. The hydraulics provide an accurate drive for the material handling systems, thus ensuring an optimal head of mix in front of the screed at all times. A continuous flow of mix is key to ensuring uninterrupted and high-quality paving.

Vögele Super 1400

Pavers for mastic asphalt finishes

These pavers are used for spreading the mastic asphalt layer by a heated leveling blade. This machine spread the mastic asphalt poured by the mastic asphalt boiler on the surface using a gas-heated spreading blade. Optional augers evenly spread the asphalt before the blade, eliminating the need for manual work. The augers are hydraulically driven with smooth speed control and height adjustment. The asphalt spreading height is hydraulically adjustable. The total height adjustment range is from -300 mm to + 200 mm from the level at which the working wheels go. The individual spreading blade units have additional height adjustment that is used to determine the laying profile. All working wheels are hydraulically driven. The spreading blade is evenly heated by the burners. The burners are located on the entire width of the blade. The machine’s application includes bridges, alleys, surfaces between tram and railways rails and roads.

Hydrog Mastic Asphalt Paver

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