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Design and Execution of Geotechnical Services – UCON Structures LLP

Geotechnical analysis is pivotal for the construction of buildings and structures so that it does not settle, deform, crack, or fall down due to foundation failure. Geotechnical analysis is used to collect and analyse data to better understand subsurface conditions. Getting the right geotechnical expert for your project is pivotal for analysing potential ground constraints, finding pragmatic solutions, and ensuring the right measures are put in place to ensure the safety and success of the project. UCON Structures LLP is one such company undertaking the design and execution of the  specialised Geotechnical Engineering work.

UCON Structures LLP services

Soil nailing with shotcrete

Soil nails are used for slope stabilisation or remediation and have proven to be an efficient and cost effective solution. Soil nails are used for both temporary and permanent applications. This construction technique involves reinforcing and strengthening the existing ground by installing a series of closely spaced nails.

Soil nailing with shotcrete


We provide different types of pile foundation services to secure the foundations of a construction site before they begin building infrastructure on top. It’s a key step in the construction process that contractors use to boost the safety and reliability of a project. Piling is an important technical skill that requires confidence and a collaborative team dynamic. Our services include:

  • Secant Piling
  • Contiguous Piling
  • Sheet Piling
  • Building Piles


Design and Execution of Diaphragm wall

We specialise in diaphragm wall construction and have completed many projects of diaphragm walls across India. We construct a diaphragm wall by both bottom up and top down construction method. A diaphragm wall is constructed using a trench excavated in ground and it typically acts as a foundation wall or a retaining wall. It is constructed into the ground to support large-scale construction projects like dams, tunnel concepts, deep basements, and enclosures. For construction of the diaphragm wall we follow the sequence of Constructing a Guide Wall, Evacuation to form a diaphragm wall trench, Supporting trench cutting via a slurry and Inert reinforcement and placement to form a wall panel. From fabrication to placement of diaphragm walls, each and every step is carried out under expert supervision. We have a fleet of trenching equipment to complete all types of diaphragm wall.We offer diaphragm walls in a range of thicknesses from 450-1500mm.

We provide diaphragm wall for addressing;

  • Earth Pressure due to soil retention pressure
  • Water Pressure due to high water table availability
  • Surcharge load due to vehicle movement/Traffic
  • Any permanent structure load nearby
Diaphragm wall


  • Can be used as temporary wall & permanent wall by which separate retaining wall, columns, footing can be eliminated.
  • Panel length is 5m which will provide minimum construction joints. Construction joints are provided with shear key and water stopper to ensure water tightness. 
  • Verticality and alignment is ensured and finished surface
  •  Construction time is faster
  • Suitable for all soil conditions, Deep Excavations with high load carrying capacity.
  • Provides a quiet working environment and relatively very little noise for the surroundings
Diaphragm wall

Design of active and passive anchors: vertical and inclined

Active anchors are those with a designed bonded and free length and subject to post tensioning after installation. Passive anchors are fully grouted tension micropiles, subject to no post-tensioning, and are only “activated” when there is movement within the ground. These are used to Improve Slope Stability, Dam Strengthening and Restoration, Anchorages for Tunnels, Anchorages for Deep Excavations, Anchoring of Foundation Structures, Waterfront Installations and Offshore Structures etc.

Vertical anchor placement

Design and Execution vertical soil/ Rock anchors for basement Raft for the uplift resistance

The design and execution of vertical soil engineering methods have been used by us to solve many ground condition problems and improve the desired engineering properties of available soils. We have been providing soil and ground improvement design, including evaluating various options, designing and supervising the implementation on site.

The rock anchor is a complex but efficient foundation solution. Rock anchors are used by us to improve the stability and load bearing characteristics of a rock mass. It reduces the volume of concrete and steel tonnage by using rock as the principal foundation. The anchors counteract uplift forces acting on foundations and post-tension the concrete structures against the rock. The anchors are often several metres long.

Rock anchor placement

Rock Bolting

We provide rock bolting services for rock excavation work. Rock bolting is the systematic reinforcement and/or anchorage of rock slopes by the insertion and grouting of steel bars into holes pre-drilled into the more or less fractured rock mass, improving its stability. We drill a hole and put in the rock bolt, and threaded in some cases. It is used for Cliffs, Slopes, Bridges, Tunnels etc.

Pile-load testing

Pile load testing is rendered by our team of adroit professionals to evaluate pile capacity, driving stresses, and hammer performance. Pile load tests  are conducted a few days after pile casting. On piles, two types of tests are performed: initial and routine tests for each type of loading, namely vertical, horizontal (lateral) pull out.In order to provide maximum efficiency, reliable results, and promptness, this testing service is executed with the help of the best-in-class testing equipment.

About UCON Structures LLP

Whether planning a new structure, monitoring and maintaining current underground infrastructure, or repairing damaged subsurface facilities, UCON Structures LLP provides unparalleled expertise. It is a specialist company under the UCON Group of companies that undertakes the design and execution of geotechnical engineering services. Our geotechnical services include subsurface investigations, foundation design and analysis, foundation testing, and engineering studies and analysis. Through these services, we assist owners and contractors in identifying geohazards, and determining the safest earthwork and foundation solutions. Our team consists of geotechnical engineering veterans with a proven track record and experience. We provide our services pan India and have a track record that encompasses projects from the private to public sectors.

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