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Delhi To Jaipur Travel Gets Costlier due to Extra Toll Tax

Travellers on Delhi-Jaipur Highway will have to shell out extra money on toll fare from Thursday. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has revised the toll rates for Delhi-Jaipur National Highway which will come into effect from September 1. Vehicles like cars/jeeps will now have to pay 15% extra toll fare.

Commuters traveling in car or jeep will have to shell out Rs 25 more for toll taxes.

At present, a car/jeep driver traveling from Jaipur to Delhi has to pay a toll of Rs 285 at three places (Manoharpur, Shahjahanpur and Gurgaon). However, after the revision, the commuters will have to pay Rs 310, reported Times of India.

An employee at NHAI said, “The commuters have to pay Rs 10 extra on Manoharpur toll and Rs 15 on Shahjahanpur toll plaza. Similarly, if the car/jeep drivers travelling on Jaipur to Delhi via C-Zone Bypass (Daulatpura) route, they will have to pay Rs 375. On the stretch they will have to pay toll tax at four places.”

It was alleged, even after the period is over, the NHAI is increasing the toll. On the entire 225-km stretch of Jaipur-Gurugram, the toll was collected at three places, including Shahjahanpur, Manohpur and Daulatpura by an awarded firm Pinkcity Express Pvt Ltd. The contract of the firm expired on May 31, following which NHAI started collecting toll.

The Jaipur-Delhi highway was constructed on Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis. The estimated cost of the project between Jaipur and Gurgaon was nearly Rs 3,678 crore. From April 2009 to December 2021, more than Rs 6,384 crore has been collected at all the three toll booths on this highway, which is twice the total cost of the project.


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