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DDA launches phase-II for 5,382 in situ flats in Kalkaji slums

DDA had taken up in situ slum redevelopment of three clusters in Kalkaji Extension — Bhoomiheen Camp, Navjeevan Camp and Jawaharlal Nehru Camp.

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has now put into motion the second phase of the project. Now, 5,382 flats will be created for slum dwellers in public-private-partnership mode.

DDA had taken up in situ slum redevelopment of three clusters in Kalkaji Extension — Bhoomiheen Camp, Navjeevan Camp and Jawaharlal Nehru Camp. While the process of relocating the first batch of slum dwellers to EWS flats is underway, it has floated tenders for rehabilitation of residents of Navjeevan Camp and Jawaharlal Nehru Camp.

As part of the PPP project, there would be a specified covered area, along with development of sites for various facilities like internal water supply, sewerage, solid waste management, internal roads, stormwater drains, internal and external electrification, horticulture work and other community services.

The project is spread over approximately 19 acres, out of which the private developer would use 15.8 acres (83%) for slum redevelopment. The remaining 3.2 acres (17%) can be used by the developer as the remunerative component of the project. DDA has proposed a floor area ratio of 300 for the commercial component of the project, while 4,450 square metres would be designated for social infrastructure, like community halls, health centres, etc.

According to the tender document, on completion of the rehabilitation component within the stipulated three-year construction period, the developer would be given the right to recover its investment through the sale of the remunerative component. Land is considered as a resource and 17% of the proposed site is proposed to be given to the developer on a freehold basis for development according to prevalent land use and norms. The developer would be able to sell this portion in the open market to realise the investment in construction of flats for slum dwellers, which it would hand over to DDA for free.

The area from which slum dwellers would be shifted to the 2,800 flats constructed by DDA on a vacant land parcel would be cleared for creating the next phase of the project. DDA has created 14-storey tall residential towers, which would house slum dwellers living in the nearby areas.

Recently, DDA had decided the eligibility of 679 households where documents were found to be complete. A draw of lots was conducted on February 17 for allotment of flats. For the remaining households of Bhoomiheen Camp, deficiency letters were issued to the slum dwellers requesting them to submit the necessary documents. All eligible slum dwellers would be provided the flats on payment of Rs 1.4 lakh, including Rs 30,000 as maintenance charges for five years.


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