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Danfoss’ Sustainable Solutions for Indian Dairy Industry

At the recent Refcold 2022, Danfoss India presented futuristic solutions for the Indian dairy sector with an aim to transform India’s dairy sector as the world’s largest sustainable dairy production player

Danfoss India, an industry leader in energy efficiency and climate technologies partnered with ISHRAE (The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) and AMUL Dairy for organizing a seminar on “Future of Refrigeration in Dairy Sector” at the sidelines of Refcold 2022. Through this platform, Danfoss apprised the stakeholders about the new technologies for enabling safe, energy efficient and sustainable refrigeration for Dairy Sector in India. Amit Vyas, MD- Amul, Jan Peterson, Consulate General of Denmark, The Trade Council, and Ravichandran Purushothaman, President- Danfoss India were the Guests of Honour for the seminar attended by major dairy players, officials and channel partners from the refrigeration and cold chain sectors in India.

At this leading event, Danfoss India presented sustainable solutions for the Indian dairy sector with an aim to address the challenges faced by the sector. Specifically, pertaining to the high energy costs, environmental concerns of being one of the highest contributors of GHG (Greenhouse Gas), and the intense competitiveness. The company displayed next generation of cold chain infrastructure engineered with Danfoss Solutions in the exhibition. 

Global expert from Danfoss Denmark Anatoly Mikhailov, VP- Industrial Refrigeration, leading industry player such as AMUL, and representative from BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) also shared their perspectives on the future of refrigeration technologies, innovative approach of the dairies in Europe, energy efficiency measures, trends, and drivers in Industrial Refrigeration space etc. for the dairy sector. 

Amit Vyas, M.D. Amul

Ravichandran Purushothaman, President, Danfoss India Region said, “We are honoured to participate in Refcold 2022 to highlight the importance of energy efficiency and its contribution to the sustainability of the dairy industry. We at Danfoss have made significant investments to accelerate the pace of our innovation through active R&D and to provide the Indian dairy industry with cutting-edge products and solutions. With our new Cold Chain products, we are focussed on enhancing the energy efficiency, safety, and reliability across every stage of Dairy value chain.”

Danfoss India has implemented cutting-edge technology in dairy plants to lower total cost of ownership and improve the environmental impact of refrigeration operations. Whether it be pre-cooling facilities, cold storage facilities, dairy processing plants, logistics for refrigeration, or supermarkets, Danfoss solutions has been working with the Indian dairy industry and farmers to create a sustainable business model. 

“There is a huge scope for modernization of existing Dairy Plants in India grappling with challenges like lower OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and safety considerations. 2022’s high inflationary environment has only added to the woes. The dairy sector can achieve energy efficiency in the range of 18-20 percent with the latest technology. The solutions are easy to implement and have short payback periods thus enhancing the competitiveness of the Dairy Industry”, commented Madhur Sehgal, Head Climate Solutions, Danfoss India.

Danfoss opened a COE (Center of Excellence) for green refrigerants testing at its Chennai Campus as per the Montreal Protocol and Kigali Amendment. To help the Dairy Industry to accomplish a real sustainable balance and CO2 reduction, Danfoss is also working with Indian Institute of Science (IISc) for research, training, and promotion of low GWP/natural refrigerants as well as with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) for the development of innovative solutions suited for Indian conditions.

Anju Mary Kuruvilla, Director, Industry Affairs, Communications & Sustainability, Danfoss India said, “Danfoss’ experience of deploying the latest solutions across the value chain have helped dairy players around the globe outperform the industry and open new premiumization opportunities within existing channels. By integrating our ESG (Environment, Social& Governance) ambition in everything we do; from our operations to the way we engineer solutions, our aim remains to be the preferred decarbonization partner to our customers and lead the green transition in Indian Industries.”


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