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Cops to intensify safety on Mumbai-Goa highway

The Ratnagiri Police Station Heads will be meeting to discuss ways to make the highways safer. The main focus of the meeting will be to install road safety signs. There have been a number of accidents on the highways recently, and the meeting is to try and prevent any more accidents.

To intensify road safety along Mumbai-Goa (NH-66) and Ratnagiri-Kolhapur-Solapur (NH-166) highways, the Ratnagiri police SP Dhananjay Kulkarni has convened a meeting of its police station heads next week.

Top on agenda will be installation of around 15 road safety signs across the two highways in the wake of a mishap that killed 10 persons at Repoli village in Mangaon taluka, Raigad, last Thursday.

The Ratnagiri district has 18 police stations. The NH-66 portion, a 215-km-long stretch, is in the Ratnagiri district, which is covered by eight police stations.

The Ratnagiri-Kolhapur-Solapur (NH-166) highway is a 74-km stretch in Ratnagiri district. Two police stations — Ratnagiri rural and Dehrukh — cover this entire stretch.

SP Dhananjay Kulkarni has suggested various safety measures, including installation of signboards of work in progress, one way, and diversion ahead, and installation of blinkers and reflectors/warning lights. Preventive measures will also be taken to stop stealing of steel road safety items on the highways.

Kulkarni has appealed motorists to follow traffic rules on the highway to prevent mishaps.

Ratnagiri police PRO Vikram Patil said, “Police stations concerned have started identifying the black spot locations on both the highways. The exact numbers will vary, but safety measures will be taken to prevent mishaps.”


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