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Concrete adhesive products for underlay and tiling application

Concrete adhesive products must offer a long term advantage with durability especially when used for sensitive areas of application such as underlay and tiling.  It is always crucial to select the right tile and the underlay screeds system for each different area of each specific project.  With the right products and techniques you can enhance the appearance and functionality of floors for buildings. Our cementitious tile adhesive – FAIRFIX TA STD and underlayment cementitious screed- FAIRFIX UNDERLAYMENT is providing the same with durability and consistent quality.


Underlayment Concrete remains one of the most durable, functional, reliable building materials available in the construction industry. In situations where a concrete slab has cracked, spalled or aged, Fairmate’s cementitious underlayment can provide a solution. FAIRMATE offers a self-leveling, hardwearing, cementitious underlayment flooring system FAIRFIX UNDERLAYMENT.


  • Self-leveling for smooth and flat floors.
  • Fast Setting and high early strength.
  • Pumpable through standard equipment.
  • Excellent consistency & assured quality.
  • Flowable consistency for self-leveling application.
  • Excellent fire resistance.
  • Exceptional coverage rate for maximum yield and value.
  • Minimal shrinkage for outstanding resistance to cracking.
  • Excellent bond strength for composite floor section.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Economical.


FAIRFIX UNDERLAYMENT can be used to prepare a wide variety of sub-floors for resilient & in flooring, wood flooring and many types of surface coatings. It may also be left exposed as a final finish in light industrial or commercial environments.


FAIRFIX TA STD is a cementitious tile adhesive ideal for concrete, plaster and also tile substrates. It is an adhesive for the permanent fixing of ceramic tiles both in damp and submerged conditions. FAIRFIX TA STD can also be used for fixing tile on tile. It conforms to IS: 15477 :2019 type 2 T & C2TE as per EN 12004/ ISO 13007.


  1. Prepacked factory control ensures consistent quality.
  2. Excellent adhesion – hence can be used tile on tile apart from concrete and plaster substrates.
  3. Excellent waterproofing characteristics.
  4. Spreads quickly and easily gives sufficient time to set the tiles.
  5. Good slip resistance.
  6. Ensures perfect water tightness.
  7. Extended open time.


FAIRFIX TA STD is a high quality adhesion for permanent fixing of ceramic tiles. Used for fixing insulating & acoustic boards. Also used in interior wet areas like kitchens & bathrooms.

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