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CEAI Webinar – Changing Technologies for Engineering

Date : 13th November 2021, 10.00 AM

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CEAI aims to bring Indian Engineers upto speed with some of the technologies that are disrupting the Engineering industry. This webinar focuses on the technical areas.

We are in the midst of a technological revolution in which BIM – Building Information Modelling (referred to as Multi Dimension Modelling in the Process Industry) stands out. It is a virtual intelligent 3D model-based process that
gives architecture, engineering (all disciplines), construction/ erection, operations and maintenance professionals the insight and tools to improve their efficiency to plan, design, construct and manage urban areas, buildings,
infrastructure, industrial plant and equipment. The integrated BIM model allows team members from the various disciplines to work on one model understand the interdependencies of their work on the other disciplines and avoid
interferences, check for adequacy of space for construction, erection and maintenance. A record of all changes done and by whom are maintained in the system. Once complete it serves as a model to record all maintenance work done.


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