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Case Study; Self-leveling screed for Commercial Flooring

There are requirements of new-age decorative products for commercial flooring that can be applied to create uniform surfaces with the minimum possible number of joints. Clients are looking for a unique architectural look with the products that enable faster construction. FAIRMATE in this regard is providing a range of self-smoothing free-flowing materials that are hard wearing and easy to apply. The company provided Self-leveling screed and Micro Concrete for new generation commercial flooring. The project details and the services provided are given below.

Project Details

  • Client – MOHIT ENTERPRISE                   
  • Location – VADODARA
  • Total Area of Work – 12000 sq. ft.

The client’s flooring requirements

The Alembic group of Vadodara has jumped into the real estate business with the idea of modern living. They raised requirements for the antique architecture flooring for their office. They required 13-15 mm hard-wearing cementitious flooring systems which should also be aesthetically good. They wanted the elegant matt finish floor which matches their modern interior designs.

Commercial Flooring Products provided by FAIRMATE

As per the Client’s requirement the company provided them the complete flooring solution with FAIRTOP FAST FLOOR and FAIRMATE MICROCRETE SYSTEM.



The smooth, hard-wearing, cementitious self-leveling screed – FAIRTOP FAST FLOOR was provided at the thickness of 12 mm for the leveled surface. It is a pre-blending compound having selected cement, hard-wearing graded aggregates modified with special polymers and flow agents. It is supplied as a dry powder which requires only the addition of water to produce a self-smoothing, free-flowing material.


  • Achieves exceptional drying and curing times while at the same time delivering a strong level platform.
  • Suitable for repairs of old floors and toppings for new floors.
  • Thermal expansion properties are similar to concrete.
  • Suitable for thickness’ ranging from 1 to 2 mm.
  • Impervious to liquids but permeable to water vapor.
  • Provides Hygienic, aesthetic, non-porous and dust-free floor.
  • Dimensionally stable and can be installed in a large area.
  • Impact and vibration resistant
  • Non-shrinking & anti-skid
  • Long life & Maintenance free
  • Facilitates easy cleaning
  • Easy, simple and economical in application


For the top surface, the company provided FAIRMATE MICROCRETE SYSTEM, which is a well-organized system of decorative & new generation building materials, with unlimited possibilities in color combinations and patterns. It is a Unique new age decorative product that is suitable for application on Floors, Walls & even on ceilings. The Uniqueness of this product is that it can even be applied to create uniform surfaces with the minimum possible number of joints. With the increase of the renovation market this product can be applied directly on existing coverings such as Ceramic Tiles, Mosaic Floors, Wood, Metal, Dry boards & Glass. FAIRMATE MICROCRETE is a product that is available in different color combinations & patterns. The surface finished with FAIRMATE MICROCRETE provides a unique architectural look whether it has been applied in the Living Room, bathroom, office or kitchen, industrial floor, furniture, or external façade. The product can be easily applied upon existing coverings, such as ceramic tiles without removing them, allowing us to quickly and easily change the look and shape of our space at low cost and in a short period.


  • Small application Height.
  • High Tensile & compressive strength.
  • Available in Variety of Colors & Patterns.
  • Can also be applied on existing coverings such as Ceramic Tiles, Wood, Dry Board, Naval Board, Glass etc.
  • Available in Variety of Varnish coat finishes.
  • Ease of application.
  • Excellent bonding on a variety of substrates.

After satisfying all the requirements, the client was left fascinated with this unique finished floor.

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