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Case Study – Parking Deck Floor Coatings

Parking deck flooring not only keeps your deck looking new but also can add to the life of your deck. You need the right coat to get the desired result. Deck coatings not only provide aesthetics and cleanability but also protects the concrete from carbonation and chloride attack. When applied, these coatings add advantages to the surface so that they can withstand even harsh conditions. Parking deck flooring is necessary because these surfaces come into contact with many vehicles as well as being impacted by harsh environments. FAIRMATE India has provided coating products to many parking deck flooring projects across the country, one of them is fixed below.

Case Study; Parking Deck Floor Project

Parking Deck Floor Coatings

Project- Mastercard Office

Location – Vadodara

About the project

The project requirement was to develop an anti-skid car parking system for their basement parking area. A total of 19500 sq. ft area was provided for four-wheeler car parking. The required 3-5 mm car park deck coating system should be colorful, watertight and hard-wearing surface for intermediate decks of the basement and other trafficable suspended floors.

Project Challenges

  • Fast work completion
  • Requirement of slip-resistant and aesthetically good coating
  • Avoiding tyre marks on the floor

Floor Coating products provided by FAIRMATE

As per the client’s requirement, we gave them the complete system of car parking. The scope of the specification was polyurethane coating with 500 microns thickness with abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant and aesthetically good. The substrate was also needed to be leveled as there were minor undulations and unlevel surfaces.

FAIRMATE proposed the complete system includes cementitious self-leveling screed for substrate FAIRTOP FAST FLOOR with primer- FAIRCRETE SB (L) and anti-skid coating SAFECORE TRAFFIC DECK ANTI SKID coating with primer and anti-slip aggregates. Further, the client was extremely impressed with our high-quality solution and project management.

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