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Avcrete SSC liquid admixture for warehouse floors

Drying shrinkage in the warehouse floors are caused due to change in moisture of the concrete during the drying process. When water starts evaporating from the exposed surface the moisture differential along the floor slab causes strain which induces flooring stresses It causes cracking, wide joints and curling of concrete floors. To avoid this a balance between the product, design mix and drying process is needed to produce durable and crack-resistant industrial concrete floors. Shrinkage Reducing- Avcrete SSC liquid admixture is providing just that. The admixture is added to a concrete mix before it is poured into place.

Shrinkage Reducing – Avcrete SSC is used to produce high-performance concrete. It increases cohesion within the concrete pore which reduces water loss and reduces drying shrinkage to improve concrete durability. The product is specifically developed for concretes which have a high surface area to volume ratio, this comprises a blend of alumino-silicates and polymers. It does not contain any expansive additive and it reduces the shrinkage strain in concrete. Marking Contractors often use this product to improve their concrete structures

Avcrete SSC Advantages:

  • Enhances the workability of the floor
  • It produces cohesive concrete
  • Imparts excellent finishing textures
  • Reduced drying shrinkage 
  • Reduced slab curling potential
  • Reduced permeability 
  • Increased concrete durability
  • Minimizes curling and warping Stresses
  • Reduced cracking due to shrinkage stresses

Shrinkage Reducing- Avcrete SSC is one of Avcon’s performance products. The product is used for slab-on-grade concrete for higher joint spacings and reduction in drying shrinkages. Designed for concrete having a high surface area to volume ratio.

Avcon is India’s first flooring company with ISO 9001-2015 certification in Concrete Floor Design, Manufacturing of Products and Projects Executions. The company’s products have been used across the whole gamut of industrial Floorings. Driven by experience Avcon strives to generate ideas that help clients achieve the best solutions most cost-effectively. Out of box solutions & the promise to introduce innovative products in the concrete flooring, the range has been the founding principles of the company. 

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